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The truths they don't want you to read....

Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Donald

As in "What the Donald Duck is that on your head"?

An acquaintance sent on a report in the Telegraph from three years ago about the patronising arrival of Trump, in which I am quoted.

But it is the quote from the walking hairpiece of vanity that really stands out:
He also revealed that he was planning to invest in charitable ventures on the island. 
Vanity, thy name is hairweave
Any news from anyone about any investment or indeed any gift?
Local councillors were also rubbing their hands in anticipation after he said he would consider funding the restoration of Lews Castle that overlooks Stornoway and has long been in need of a benefactor. 
Indeed, who can forget the sight of the Councillors almost curtseying in front of the power on Mammon and vast credit lines?  With Councillor Sanctimonious having invited the money lender into the temple, has he ever tried to follow up a single promise made by Trump about improving the islands?  Or was the brief moment of self-aggrandisement by proximity enough to stop him asking difficult questions?

We were the location for a few minutes of good press for him, and he got to destroy ancient sand dunes for a World Class (sic) Country Club, with golf course attached.


Anonymous said...

He's a miracle worker: that's the parting of the Red Sea on top of his head.

Anonymous said...

Oi leave my cousin out of it pal! He's getting a hair transplant very soon, I have it on good authority that he has paid $3 million to get Mrs thatchers bush on his head.

Anonymous said...

You heard about the horse head in the bed well Im gonna have your head put in a horse bed then Im gonna take my DC10 and shove where the sun dont shine so you walk like Donald. Donald Duck that is.
I worked with wackjobs like you wont believe and this is the first time a nobodys made fun of my hair. Im gonna get my goons round to trump ya.
Live in fear cos I keep my word.

Anonymous said...

Trump might have got a good deal if the terms of the bequest were not so firmly in favour of the Comhairle holding the Castle in trust for the people of the Western Isles. Despite welcoming the use of £13.5 million of public money to take the Castle off the Buildings at Risk Register and turn the Castle into a hotel (with a small museum on the back entrance) allegedly, the Leader of the Comhairle and Chair of the Lews Castle Trust Steering Group, asked the group could Lews Castle not be given away to someone for a pound?