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Friday, December 14, 2007

Council Tax freeze

According to the Comhairle's annual report (page 9):

Council tax raises £9,467,000
A forecast 3% increase would take in £284,000

Total Central Government support is £83,003,000
A 0.7% real terms increase is £581,000

Therefore the real terms extra funds available for developing the Western Isles after freezing Council Tax is £297,000.

And the next year the shortfall due to a Council tax freeze will be the £284k above, plus £292k for the following year due to compounding, meaning that a 3% increase will actually be totally used up funding the freeze and not in delivering any new services.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I see that the Western Isles SNP have used all their economic skills and knowledge to systematically analyse to try to undermine your simple, detailed, argument.

Anonymous said...

so anyone that disagrees with you is automatically an SNP supporter!! should offer to help the council with 'playing with their figures' - i hear your quite good at this....allegedly

Anonymous said...

You are not right on this one Angus, minimum increase is 3.4% according to BBC (, also pot available of £70mill, and they also get to keep efficiency savings (I think).

Also you have to remember for everyone in Scotland, if their local council agrees the SNP have just freezed their council tax - that is a pretty big deal

Anonymous said...


What about the Comhairle's share of the £210m to fund the freeze? CnES would be entitled to £294k in each of the three years of a freeze totalling £882k, so your forecast shortfall starts to look a bit iffy.