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The truths they don't want you to read....

Monday, December 03, 2007

Wendy Alexander's resignation

Is not appropriate, unless she
  • Covered-up the donation
  • Lied anywhere
  • Offered special privileges to the donor
  • Knew he was not entitled to give a donation
  • It was part of series of transactions
Having staff who get things wrong is part and parcel of having staff. It is how you manage the mess-ups that is the mark of the person.

I must say, I found it difficult to write this posting, but I have given the whole position a lot of thought, and considered the alternatives before I came to a conclusion.

£950 is such a minor amount that no politician of any standing would be swayed by such a tiny sum. Even if they knew about it.

The alternative, is that we expect our politicians to be so anodyne, squeeky-clean, untainted by anything that passes for a human trait, and without any experience of life. The bland have been elected in 1987 in the Labour landslide, and look how good that was for politics.

I'd rather have a politician who has seen life, made mistakes and learned from them, and NOT repeated them (lying and duplicitousness are probable exceptions from this rule) rather than have a a clone factory churning out political inadequates in the same boring mould.

Alternatively, let's make every mistake - no matter how minor, and which junior member of staff committed it - a resignation matter for the politician. Ban private donations and let the political parties soak the public purse for the larger, larger, and ever larger sums they persuade us they need to spend to persuade us that they will manage things less badly than the last lot.

Cynical, I know, but there are our choices - Stepford politicians or humans?


Anonymous said...

Hats off to you, Angus - you really can produce a very rational comment that cuts through all the politically-motivated mist and fog.

Anonymous said...

Tom McCabe said on Newsnight that the first Wendy Alexander knew about the donation was 1pm last Thursday.

But since she wrote to Mr Green personally to thenk him for his donation, why did she not correct Mr McCabe for such an obviously incorrect statement?

Is this not 'covering-up'?

She is liable to check all donations above £200, so why did she not question the validity of the donation given the Jersey address?

David Mcletchie resigned over taxi fares - the amount concerned is not important. It is more about the integrity of our politicians.

I'm sure Ms Alexander deeply regrets what has happened, in particular how it has been handled by her and her staff. If they'd been more honest from the outset, I'm sure the public would have forgiven what was probably an honest mistake.

But their attempts to cover up the situation have proved her downfall. Her position is now untenable and if she has any dignity, she should do the honourable thing and regign.

Anonymous said...

I too have given this some thought and decided, reluctantly, that she should not resign.

If she resigns, the Labour party might be seen to have some belated integrity.

If she hangs on, she is a gift to the SNP.

Reluctantly, although I would rather justice be seen to be done, party political interest forces me to prefer her to stay on.

Anonymous said...

Makes a change reading a balanced view in this blog.

Angus said...

With newspapers 2 days late, and limited internet access, I may have to eat humble pie over this post.

Latest news suggests that she "has the full support of the party". Not looking good then!

Anonymous said...

for your questions see the Sunday Herald, Ang

Anonymous said...

I am more interested at this moment in Donald Duc... sorry Trump. I know this has probably not made the news abroad but he is on record as threatening the whole of Scotland with a loss of investment from him (I am sure I speak for the sane when I say Hurray - perhaps without the 'a')