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The truths they don't want you to read....

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Gordon of Cathcart

The slow car crash that is the Labour Party donations revelations continue to amuse, baffle and elicit a sense of total disbelief.

I thought that the internecine fighting couldn't get much worse, but how wrong I was.

Charlie Gordon MSP is unsure if he is coming or going; unsure if he is retaining the party Whip; not sure about the position of some donations to his parliamentary campaign; and trying to draw the flak away from Wendy.

Meantime, a Labour Councillor in Wendy's constituency of Sleaze North, South, East and West is undergoing a Police investigation into forged timesheets for his job with Glasgow City Council.

Now, one of the top funders - Willie Haughey - is refusing to give any more money until Labour put their house in order.

From my personal knowledge and experience of Labour in Glasgow, none of this is new, it is just that the loss of power has led to loss of control over the (gagging) mechanisms of power, and the shock to the system has not been taken on board by the majority of the activists.

I prophesy weeks if not months of further bad news for Labour on this topic, culminating in a low-level resignation/suspension, a smack on the wrist from the Electoral Commission and Standards Commission.

And poll ratings only slightly better than the Tories.

Labour MSPs and CouncillorsTeam Alexander await tomorrow's papers

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