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The truths they don't want you to read....

Monday, December 17, 2007

Nicol Stephen might have something...

Donald Trump a mad wigLike many people, I felt that Nicol Stephen may have doing the political thing in his attacks on the Trump decision, and his calls for an investigation into apparent improper behaviour.

Despite the obvious incompetence of Alex Salmond, Aberdeenshire Council, the LibDems on that Council, Chief Planner Jim MacKinnon and the Scottish Government in handling this matter, I was happy to let it run and see where it ended up.

It is obvious that this application as been clutched warmly to the bosom of many of those concerned, instead of being given the due deference one should give to an angry skunk.

Until I read the words of the The Donald's representatives on earth on the BBC website:-

The Trump Organisation said: "The Trump Organisation is dismayed at the political attacks. These attacks are more than misguided, they are malicious, inaccurate and potentially destructive and they threaten to once again endanger a £1bn project which has the overwhelming backing of the north east of Scotland. The politician responsible should cease and desist before real and permanent damage is done."

If you don't now know that Nicol is on to something, you cannot read through the bombastic, bullying, and offensive attitude that oozes from beneath His Self-righteous Wigness.

Go for it Nicol, and find out what he is trying to cover up.

Let's start with the numbers, and some wild guesses:
950 holiday homes @ £100k each = £95m
36 golf villas @ £200k each = £7.2m
2 golf courses @ £2m each = £4m
Infrastructure, say = £5m

All of which equals a mere 11% of the proclaimed £1bn investment, which either means that the staff are on fantastic wages, or there is a lot of bullshit being swallowed by the gullible speculative double-counting.


Anonymous said...

This whole saga is a disgrace, with everybody from Aberdeenshire County Council right up to the Scottish Government and Alex Salmond himself licking the heels of The Trump. Anybody with any sense of objectivity will detect the leaning by The Trump on said authorities. And that's allowed??

Anonymous said...

it was strange to find out that instead of being run by First Minister or (more usually) London, instead Scotland was being run by an overseas buisnessman

Anonymous said...

Trump eh? You gorra luv him. Persuading naive wide-eyed councillors to push things through, to lobby the Government, promises of a brighter future, throwing his money around to the detriment of the local environ..!!

Hey hang on.....does he own Amec?!

Anonymous said...

Ah I forgot to mention. Nicol Stevens is still with us. Nice to know. For the last few sessions of parliament I thought he had got lost in Jack McConnels pocket.

Anonymous said...

I'm astonished that from a quick blog search via google, you're the only blogger to have commented on Trump's comments yesterday. As you note there seems to be a bullying tone to the remarks. I posted a few questions about the process on my blog yesterday at .

I'd not come across your blog before but have read many of your earlier postings with great interest and now bookmarked and subscribed to it.

Best wishes


Anonymous said...

good bloke that scott!LS