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Monday, December 10, 2007

Uncertainty over windfarms 'killing' communities

I'm copying the story straight from the Gazette:

The uncertainty in Lewis over the windfarm issue is 'killing' communities, according to Moorland Without Turbines.

Chair of the organisation, Catriona Campbell said that islanders were 'sick with worry' over the issue. She pointed out that this month marked the third anniversary of the windfarm planning applications 'that would see the Isle of Lewis transformed into one of the biggest windfarms in the UK'. In 2004, Lewis Wind Power applied for 234 turbines on Barvas Moor, and Beinn Mhor Power applied to build 133 turbines on the nearby Eishken Estate. Other applications are also in the system' leaving a cloud of uncertainty over the island', she said. "At the outset, everybody said that this should not turn into another Lingerbay quarry saga. But that's exactly what's happening. These proposals are a noose hanging over the affected communities," she added.

MWT and I have long agreed that an early decision on the applications was necessary, as the best thing for the community was to have a decision and for us to then live with it -- whether we agreed with it or not.

Clearly, I totally support the applications.

It is just a pity that Donald Trump wasn't financing the turbines, as a speedy decision seems to be guaranteed by the Executive in cases involving millionaires. Despite a promise from the Energy Minister, to speed up decisions, this only applies to new applications. And if the Executive order a PLI, you can add 3-5 years to the entire process.

Not exactly what MWT expected (or were promised) when they supported our MP and MSP in the last elections.

But the expected announcement of a rapid growth of offshore wind would possibly remove the need for onshore wind, and keep everybody happy/happier.

But, to do that you need the inter-connector. And if everyone had been pulling in the same direction from the beginning, we could have had an inter-connector promised to allow us to exploit off-shore wind, and the possibilities of tidal and wave power.

That was the long game that the Council was engaged in, but some who should have understood this never engaged with the Comhairle to find out what was actually going on.

And sadly, we might all lose out as a result.

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