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Saturday, December 01, 2007

A vortex of doom

Polly Tonybee has written in a recent Guardian article about Labour needing to develop policies to unify the party as being the only way to avoid the vortex of bad news into which Labour is spiralling.

Too late, Polly.

The wolves are out, scenting blood, and the weakening death-rattle of the Labour Government is only too self-evident.

Next year is going to be an economic disaster for Labour, as the economy suffers with increases in mortgage rates; the impact of sub-prime loans in the US; and the unravelling of Gordon Brown’s micro-managing of the economy.

All of which will be Alasdair Darling’s fault. But he can’t be sacked until the other side of the election, as it will look like a desperate act of a desperate PM.

Instead, the polls will worsen, the Labour Party will implode in internal argument; the Tories will unite behind their leader behind whoever is most likely to bring them to power; and Gordon Brown will be boxed into a corner over selecting an election date, until he appears totally out of control of the circumstances, and he drifts to a major defeat.

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