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The truths they don't want you to read....

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Manford is 'mushroomed'

CalMac Barra Oban Lochboisdale Mallaig Donald ManfordIt's cannot be often that the leader of a council political group is kept in the dark and fed bull$hit by the Minister, MP and MSP of the same party.

But that is what has happened to my old friend and colleague Cllr Donald Manford, who Chairs the Transportation Committee on Comhairle nan Eilean Siar.

And the issue?

Well this week Cllr Manford announced that the Scottish Government had instructed CalMac to search for a suitable vessel for the Lochboisdale-Mallaig route.

Unfortunately for Cllr Manford, it is a wide-spread knowledge in the shipping industry that CalMac have been searching for a vessel for the past three months, since the Minister instructed them to do so despite a previous refusal to consider the service, and after subsequent lobbying by Angus MacNeil MP and Alasdair Allan MSP (and Storas Uibhist).

The Convener of the Comhairle is a director of CalMac, so he knew this was in the offing. Many Councillors knew it was happening, including the Labour Group - who in a final, vicious, twist have assumed that Cllr Manford was in the loop and have spread the word that he was keeping the Council in the dark for party political gain.

Donald - I am told - chose his words carefully, saying that he had just become aware of the situation. But that was lost in the noise.

But the final (and utterly undeserved) attempted humiliation for Donald from his own side is that the deal that the Government is pushing is for the current Oban-Castlebay-Lochboisdale service to become a Mallaig-Lochboisdale-Castlebay service, leaving Donald's constituents with a much worse service, and to a location they have little connection with.

The result of all this duplicity is now public knowledge in Barra, and the people there are up in arms with a public meeting this week certain to express total opposition to the plans brokered behind Donald's back by their MP.

That'll be a fun meeting, at which I hope the truth comes out, and Donald does not become collateral damage.


Anonymous said...

What utter bullshit!

Anonymous said...

Is it any wonder that Donald congratulated Donald John Macsween on being selected as PPC for the Labour Party. also stating how he looked forward to working with him for the benefit of all the Islands. This is well seen that our MP and MSP are not working for the Islands. I wonder if Mr Manford will be the next SNP councillor to be expelled. "For Scotland"

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:52, then please tell us the truth. I have been told this story first hand, so who is lying?
Let's see what Mr Manford says when the press ask him?

Anonymous said...

Did Cllr Gerry MacLeod know about this? After all Angus MacNeil was campaiging for him AGAINST Cllr Manford.

Anonymous said...

I thought mushrooms preferred horseshit to bullshit. Some mushrooms are also known to produce hallucinogenic effects. Judging by the performance of certain councillors (and ex-councillors) in recent years, it would seem to me that there must have been a fair bit of 'fungi-popping' going on in the White House, only it was the public being kept in the dark.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:55, ABM was probably campaigning for both councillors.

Alex Trump 12.01am might just be giving us an insight as to why exactly relations between Cllr Manford and the local party are not good..

But at least he voted for his MP which I would wager a good bet is more than can be said for the other opportunist now standing for the Labour Party - who re-joined when exactly - and was very cosy and encouraging to ABM before he ousted Calum MacDonald.

Obviously decided to cough up his membership before he had to declare his interests as a councillor as detailed on the CNES website.

Tells its own story..the man would trample his granny.

Anonymous said...

Don't think it's so much to do with Mr Manford as with the MP for Barra, judging by your description. Any link, shorter than the current 5 to 6 hours to the mainland, would be welcome in the Southern Isles.

Anonymous said...

Alex Trump 12.01am might just be giving us an insight as to why exactly relations between Cllr Manford and the local party are not good..

Only a year ago, one could have deleted Cllr Manford and inserted Cllr Nicolson. It seems that the only reason there are SNP councillors are so that they can be fall guys for the idiots in Bayhead. The domino effect within the local SNP, and who will be left? The yes men and idiots who think our elected are doing a good job. Better watch out Annie, I'm sure you are next...

Anonymous said...

To 'not Iain Dale said...'

Yes - Macsween is widely credited as backing ABM and securing the Lewis votes for him. Obviously not the hardcore Labour supporters but the ordinary voters.