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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Council Sunday policy dismantled

It is good to see that the Council's Sunday policy is applied consistently. And I am not referring to the Sports Centres in Uist and Barra being open today, whilst that in Lewis is closed with the Free Church manning the barricades.

Remember what the position was on Sunday ferries?
This was an open and wide ranging meeting in which both Cal-Mac and the Comhairle outlined their respective positions. We clearly stated that the Comhairle remains opposed to the introduction of Sunday sailings for Lewis and Harris because of the traditions and customs of those areas. CalMac gave a commitment that further discussions will take place with other interested parties and with the Comhairle.
Traditions and customs?

Today, Sunday, surveyors employed by the Comhairle are surveying the Bayhead basin for the proposed infill to build a new car park (?) office accommodation (?) or - wild rumour has it - a seven day pole-dancing brothel night club facility.

Work of necessity or mercy? As the Lewis and Harris policy would have it; except for Sunday street cleaning for the Church attendees; except for opening schools and the Town Hall for Church services; and except for certain employees working some Sundays in the Sandwick Road offices when no-one is watching.

Explain this policy to me again. Only with logical arguments, this time.


Anonymous said...

More faces than the Town Hall Clock?

Anonymous said...

Its tradition and custom in both the church and the council to say one thing then do the other when it suits.
The 'rules' are for the common people who don't understand.

Anonymous said...

sort out the spellchecker!

MadEddieH said...

Course, what I'm wondering is if the punters up here are going to get a seventh off the council's new season ticket for sports centres.

Seems only fair that we get a seventh off compared to those further south - they have the facilities for seven days whereas we only have them for six.

Anonymous said...

You taking the pish?



Fergie said...

Those Germans aren't very 'logical' either -

Anonymous said...

It is surprising that this did not get aired ''Properly'' in the media.
Apathy rules,

Anonymous said...

But then nothing gets properly aired in the media here. A man dies after going out and no doubt getting right royally hammered, is this reported no. A golden opportunity for a timely reminder to look after each other especially if excess drink has been taken was missed all in the name of what? Sensitivity to the family of the deceased? surely even they would not want this to happen to anyone else, and that they would see publicity especially at this time of year would not be a bad thing.

Or is it even darker than sensitivity to the family concerned, if it is not reported it didn't happen!!!