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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Fuel cards

So whatever happened to the great launch of fuel cards in the islands, due last Friday?

It was cancelled, as none of the petrol stations would accept the cards.

Which is where the headline on a Comhairle press release
Council complains over fuel monopoly
would be funny if it weren't quite so sad, with the Council Leader owning one of the big three petrol stations in Stornoway.

The last investigation by the OFT cost the local petrol stations a huge sum of money and delivered nothing, except enormous reports showing that they were making a 'reasonable' return. But if they start throwing around 'monopoly' accusations, whilst simultaneously being perceived to be acting in concert over the fuel cards, then they risk reopening the (wrong) debate again.


Anonymous said...

The reason that the filling stations would not accept the cards is that Scottish Fuels charge the local stations more for the fuel wholesale than the customer pays through the fuelcard.
Price of fuel last week through card was around 90 pence per litre plus VAT
Price for fuel wholsale in bulk was around £1 plus VAT.
By not accepting fuel cards Scottish Fuel pocket a further 10p per litre into their coffers !!

Interestingly the Leader of the council is mentioned in your blog yet no mention of the Point Councillor who is the local Manager of Scottish Fuels

Anonymous said...

Ok so we have a fuel price problem but what about the cost of Solid Fuel prices? The wholesale price of coal has plummeted yet we are still having to pay nearly the same price as 2008, Why? Maybe this also out to be referred to the OFT.

If you dare to complain to Mackaskills about anything to do with their business i.e. the price, the delivery not made when it was expected, you get the phone put down on you. In any case who wants to risk falling foul of this company and not being able to get your coal delivered at all. It's bloody cold out here at the moment.

Anonymous said...

The price of fuel should be the same in the Western Isles as in the middle of London ,Why should we have to pay extra for the same product, it might cost more to get here but the goverment should be subsidizing it, also the fuel suppliers should not be allowed to charge so much it just greed pure GREED

Anonymous said...

We don't want the same price as in the centre of London as it is even more expensive there than in the Western Isles, may be the same price as say the average supermarket price in an urban area or County Town

Anonymous said...

Seems a lot of yellow vans now are directed to the filling station owned by............das Fuerer

Anonymous said...

The price of fuel in London is 109 pence per ltr for unleaded and 110 per ltr for derv a difference of approx 15 pence per ltr just to inform 11.04 thats what we pay in Uist, do you work for Scottish Fuels by any chance?

Anonymous said...

OK so I got it wrong, my homework was a bit out of date I didn't check the date of this article when making my observation, it was just an honest mistake. I'm sorry.


But isn't his typical of what goes on on this Blog though, if you make a comment you ALWAYS have to have an ulterior motive, you cannot have a sensible discussion about anything, in this case fuel prices, without an accusation that you are some how deeply involved with the process that is being discussed.

Anonymous said...

Some touchy folk on here these days. Whatever happenned to goodwill to all men at this time of year?

Anyhow I am off to throw another log (or should that be salmon) on the fire.

Merry Christmas to all