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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Expenses scandal gets worse

It appears that Transport Minister Stewart Stevenson is the focus of a renewed Parliamentary expenses scandal, when it was revealed today that he used his bus pass for free travel to Ministerial visits.

The other MSPs are scandalised that an opportunity to claim expenses was avoided and that their constituents might look at the lead being given by Mr Stevenson and expect them to follow suit by not wasting public money.

One MSP said, "I have already reduced my expenditure on Gaelic hair gel to under £1,000 per month by using Gordon Diesel's special offers."

One Scottish MP said, "I would never think of using public transport between my flat and the Union Jack Club, if there was some way to claim the taxi on expenses. Anyway, the Fees Office are there to complete my forms and sort it all out, and take responsibility if I they get it wrong."

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