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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Airport security

Security at Stornoway Airport is tight.

Ludicrously so.

On a through this week, I had taken a sterile single-use bottle warmed and filled with a carton of milk for my baby daughter to drink in the airport or on the plane as required, as the flight and her feeding time were likely to coincide.

Carrying my three month old, I was instructed to open the single-use bottle, and then taste the milk from the bottle. My protestations that this made the bottle no-longer sterile fell on deaf ears. I had to drink it from the bottle.

The plane was delayed, and daughter started to get hungry as it started it’s incoming approach to land. Not a problem – I’ll re-heat the bottle on the plane. Or so I thought. (At this point someone will say that you shouldn’t reheat bottles of milk for children, but sometimes, needs must)

Just as we were getting ready to board it was announced that there were no toilets on the plane, and we should use the facilities before we left.

What they actually meant was that the plane had no water at all, and my daughter had to have the bottle cold/cool, which she didn’t like, and fell asleep again, finally eating when we reached the hotel at the other end.

Things were slightly more sensible at Glasgow Airport, where I could decant from a carton into a sterile bottle AFTER the security check, and sample some of the carton to prove that it was baby milk.

But how does my tasting the carton prove anything?

It there some explosive mix that comes in 250ml cartons, that looks like milk or a milk suspension and which is not palatable to terrorists? Can nitroglycerine be placed in a liquid? Do liquid explosives contain arsenic? What happens if I am lactose intolerant? Or just hate the taste of baby milk?


Anonymous said...

Jeepers! That's tough all right!

Or, I don't suppose you noticed the rest of the staff giggling like small children as the Security Officer/SNP Activist put you through your paces? :)

Anonymous said...

Breast is best. No airline security can deny.

Anonymous said...

Good Point, anon 7:06, but isn't Angus a boys name?!

Angus said...

Anon #1 - as soon as they start full cavity body searches, I'll be first to know!