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The truths they don't want you to read....

Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year predictions

After some off-line prodding/provoking by a regular correspondent, I have decided to don my psychic hat and put down some hostages to fortune. They range across all matters of interest to me, from national to parochial, but have one thing in common....if I am wrong, you won't stop reminding me.

Here goes.
  1. The General Election will be on 25 March
  2. The Tories will win (this is an easy one!) with between 300-350 seats
  3. If they don't have an overall majority (323 seats) they will not form a formal coalition with the LibDems, but will work as a minority Government
  4. Labour will do better than the polls predict
  5. The SNP will win 8-14 seats at the General Election (if pressed, I'd estimate 11)
  6. The Western Isles will not be held by the SNP
  7. Alex Salmond will announce that he will stand down as SNP leader after the Holyrood elections in 2011 (arise, Lord Salmond???)
  8. Tesco will announce their plan for a much larger new, additional, superstore in Stornoway
  9. The Lewis Sports Centre won't open on Sundays - but will in 2011
  10. The Council will be seriously reprimanded for their mishandling of certain commercial matters, and the public will be shocked when the facts are in the public domain :-)
Best wishes to you all for 2010, and I hope to entertain as much as I infuriate during the coming 12 months.


Dr Evadne said...

11. The public will be shocked by certain facts about the Comhairle but will vote for the same bunch of gangsters in the 2011 election.

12. Bears; they shite in the woods.

Happy New Year and hope all goes well for you.

Anonymous said...

off topic but thought this might be of interest to people in the islands.

Its a box that plugs into your broadband router and gives you vodafone coverage inside your house. Only works wih 3g phones.

Anyone used one of these? I have a terrible signal at home and this looks good

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Dr Evadne - the next Comhairle elections are in May 2012 not 2011.

Living in the Pairc said...

OK Angus I'll run with you on this:

1. Disagree - May with English local elections. Why get thrashed twice!
2. Agree
3. Agree - LibDems are nu socialist party
4. Disagree - Brown is a shattered man - inside info on that
5. 12
6. It will
7. Disagree he will leave when his party are made fools over the Independance vote
8. Agree plus a deal with Engelbret for a fuel and Sunday outlet - new store there?
9. Agree - the legal case plus appeal will take that long
10. You should know its yur case - LOL

Anonymous said...

Seems the right honourable A. MacNeil has forgotten what party he's with...
Senior SNP MP slams his own party's stance on prescription charges....oops!