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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Bayhead infill

It is really not a huge surprise that the project is not going ahead, for as the Stornoway Port Authority point out, they have long had serious reservations about the whole concept.

Despite the Port Authority objecting to the planning permission applications, the Council made an funding application to the Government to develop a piece of ground that it doesn't own or control and where the landlord had expressed extreme reservations.

Whilst not professing to understand the precise technicalities, I understand that the reservations where three-fold, and they remain unchanged since they very first made known to me, perhaps 10 years ago.
  • There could be an increased risk of flooding without the basin and the Glen River being available to absorb higher tides. Allied to this, if the Glen was in spate, then the restrictions in mouth of the river could cause the water to back-up and flood.
  • The impact of wave reflection on the ability to use the harbour needed to be professionally assessed, and the design amended to minimise any such impact.
  • The overall impact on the harbour required to be assessed for issues such as changes in sedimentary deposits, and the impact on existing structures.
Now, I don't know about you, but I can see the cost of the assessment of all of these issues being fairly immense; and no public body is going to give approval for a potentially massive development until all of these matters were addressed.

That the Council though otherwise and tried to ram this through as an urgent development almost beggars belief, and demonstrates a complete lack of consultation and involvement with a key partner (sic).

It should not have come as a surprise, as the Council Leader was a Commissioner on the Port Authority for (I think) 6 years, when these potentially insurmountable problems were highlighted.


Captain Swing said...

You seem to have missed the most obvious reason why this debacle has occurred although in my view you have given the reason.

It should not have come as a surprise, as the Council Leader was a Commissioner on the Port Authority for (I think) 6 years, when these potentially insurmountable problems were highlighted.

It should be obvious to a blind man when the Council Leader was on the Port Authority of course there would not have been a problem with any hairbrained scheme that the Council came up with, it only becomes a problem when that connection/Board Member goes. The Port Authority Board only have to wait until the member in question goes, before well and truely scuppering any ideas that might have to have been pushed through on a nod and a wink.

Anonymous said...

Do we really want an unelected, unaccountable quango trawling through harbour acts to protect the stunning beauty of the open sewer that is the Bayhead Estuary.
It seems so. And who are we to foresee the difficults this would bring to yatch moorings.I would rather hear of SPA plans of how they intend to replace No 2 pier now they have made a stance against the Council.

Anonymous said...

now there's a good use for the £1M quid- deposit on a new Number 2

Anonymous said...

7.19- and which one of our merry councillors are you?

As a user of harbour facilities I would say that the "unelected, unaccountable quango" are extremely efficient at running the port as a business and by and large get the job done effectively without some of the bullyboy strong arm tactics employed by the comhairle.

The SPA must be a massive thorn in the side of the comhairle as it doesn't appear to be up shit creek without a paddle (no pun intended).

Oh and they tend to treat most people with the respect they deserve, and there doesn't seem to be much in the way of bribery, bullying and backslapping unlike its relatives across the town.

The council lost, for a variety of good reasons not for no reason. Get over it and move on. Preferably up the hill to majors house or via the golf club to the bloody castle.

Anonymous said...

See in the WHFP that the Gaelic Mafia were (are if our Leader is to be believed)locating to not Bayhead, but the infilled Bayhead.

Anonymous said...

Fascinating to count up exactly how often the comhairle really F it up.