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Thursday, February 04, 2010

MacNeil's expenses

With over half the MPs expected to have to repay some expenses, I look forward to the full list of those who were on the fiddle have looted the public purse for private expenditure proved unable to accurately complete an expenses form by themselves.

But what has happened about our MP's travel expenses that were in dispute, and on which he sought guidance after the event (or possibly clarification of an alleged earlier piece of advice)?

I an told (not highly reliably it must be admitted) that they have been refused, as the journey could have been done in a single day, and hence the overnight expenses were unapproved.

I am also told that this decision is being appealed, again, but hopefully we will have clarity in the coming weeks.

Update 9pm: I didn't know that the announcement as coming today, and I was very pleasantly surprised that such a small amount was disallowed. It looks like my information about Mr MacNeil was totally wrong, which I am happy to admit. However, the sheer rottenness of the expenses system has been laid bare and is being (slightly) improved thanks to the enforced openness of the FoI system.


Anonymous said...

He will get his Toblerone and wellies payment back.

Anonymous said...

Have just read the list. Here are some interesting ones:
Macneil - 133
Gordon Brown - Lab - 12,888.03
Al Darling - Lab - 554
Alan Milburn - Lab - 11,600
Barbara Follett - Lab - 42,458.21
and so it goes on and on. Shame the probe didn't go back to the Labour glory days of Calum and Brian for comparisons to be made

Mike said...

£133?? Is that it?

There's no scandal here A.N. however much you'd like to find one.

Such bitterness. Give it up cove, move on, be happy, it's getting to be quite embarrassing.

Anonymous said...

Good that we can now settle the conerns that 3:17 had about the Labour glory days of Calum and Brian. Sir Thomas Legg's report DID go back to review this period and, you'll see, found 'no issues' to be addressed regarding either Calum Macdonald or Brian Wilson.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info 1.15. Where can one find the copy vouchers so we can "see" for ourselves ?