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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The computer literate generation

Our youngest son who is now 2.75 (his age not his model number) was demonstrating his computer skills to us over the weekend, after I put the laptop down.

Having taught him good surfing habits, he used the touch-pad to select and open Firefox. Then he selected Cbeebies from the toolbar menu - actually he pulled down the BBC news front page, but the icon is the same, it's just the words that are different, and he can't read. Yet.

Having helped him to get to the right site, he spent a long while surfing between various Cbeebie characters and having a great time.

It was a surprise to my good lady to get a confirmatory email from Amazon to announce the imminent delivery of a CD. Panic set in, as she tried to work out just how son had managed to access her account, select the CD and arrange payment.

The clue was, of course, in the title of the CD. It wasn't the Teletubbies covering Eminem or even Postman Pat does Iron Maiden live in Greendale.

When son was distracted, I had taken the opportunity to order the new Lethal Bizzle album and then logged out of everything. After all, the kids may not know who The Ruts were, but they will do after they hear the cover versions.

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Anonymous said...

poor thing!