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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Gaelic TV Channel

GMS Gaelic Media ServiceThe whole proposal for a digital channel has been kicked into the long grass, and anyone who doesn't see this is deluding themselves.

I totally agree with the Vice-Convener of the Comhairle when he says that this is a very negative message from the BBC, but I also think that he is rational enough to know that it was always an uphill struggle to achieve such a huge investment.

The political reaction ranged from the cutting to the banal, and here is just a small selection:-

John Farquhar Munro: "It was clear from the tone of their announcement that the BBC is not supportive of minority languages". And are you surprised, when they are facing cuts in mainstream services?

Angus MacNeil:
"We need a Gaelic television channel and I am confident that we can mount an unanswerable case to convince the trust". Sorry, but it's fallen badly at the very first hurdle. Far from being unanswerable the argument being made is actually judged to be too introspective, which is the opposite of what is required.

Alasdair Allan:
questioned the BBC Trust's findings and felt they did not fully appreciate the importance of a Gaelic channel in terms of the BBC's own commitment to cultural diversity. As the debate is not about diversity, but about value for money, this statement is utterly meaningless.

Thankfully, a note of sanity and reality was injected by Donald Campbell of the Gaelic Media Service, who said,
"I am confident we can get these two documents done but what I am not confident about is whether they will be sufficient for the trust to agree".

I believe that the real battle was lost a long time ago when the parameters were set, and that the Government can now wash it's hands of the promise/pledge/aspiration having given the Gaels the chance that they didn't take. Irrespective of how uneven the playing field was.


Anonymous said...

MacNeil's royal WE is impressive, except he hasn't done anything to help the cause apart from ask some meaningless questions in Parliament.

Allan has done even less, if that is possible, and I look forward to his semi-literate submission reaching the public domain.

Anonymous said...

If anyone has opinions then the consultation has opened -