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The truths they don't want you to read....

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Health Board deficit, again, again

Is there no end to the bad news that is emanating from South Beach?

I predicted a long time back that the forecasts were unattainable, and that was without knowing much of the detail. Now the Auditor General and the Audit Committee are going to have a detailed investigation of what is happening and why deficits are increasing.

I think that the answers may include the words "too many chiefs" and "screwed up the deal with the GP's" and possibly "arse from elbow".

It's the solutions that are the problem for the islands.

I actually worry more now about the independence of the local Health Board than I did at the time of the meetings in the Town Hall; and I worry even more about the consequences.

With much of the Social Care budget and control moved from the Comhairle to the joint operations with the Health Board, any loss of autonomy for the Health Board will move control over a major element of highly personal care from the islands to the mainland. But, with the "hit squad" from central Government unable to stem the losses and resolve the position the future looks dire, and the abolition of Argyll & Clyde NHS has set a precedent for serious action.

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