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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Guilty until tried

Bilal HusseinIn it's continuing efforts to bring democracy, justice and western values to the mess that is Iraq, the US Government is deliberately ignoring democracy, justice and western values in order to better achieve them. Again.

The Kafka-esque situation facing Bilal Hussein, an Associated Press photographer, is shocking and disgraceful.

The 2005 Pulitzer prize winner, was considered to have been around the scene of insurgent attacks as they happened, and obviously in possession of an Arabic name, and consequently has been imprisoned. Without access to lawyers. Or sight of the evidence against him. Or details of the charges he is facing.

For eighteen months.

The charges that he was in possession of insurgent propaganda, had details on how to make roadside bombs, and had a surveillance photo of a US base have each been dropped and replaced with new charges when details have ben provided. And then easily discredited.

According to the US military, they possess convincing and irrefutable evidence that Bilal Hussein is a threat to security and stability as a link to insurgent activity.

So convincing that they refuse to release it to his lawyers, or even let them see him.


Anonymous said...

Well, Mr. Hussein' sympathies, to judge by his past work and comments, are quite clearly with the terrorists who've been busily blowing up innocent folk whenever they can.

Neither you nor I know what information US intelligence possesses on Mr. Hussein's activities or contacts, so there's no obvious reason to presume that the US is in the wrong.

But of course, you have once again chosen to portray the US as stupid and evil (no surprise there) and Iraq as a 'mess' (an odd term to use, at a time when even opponents of the 'surge' admit that it's working extremely well, and Iraq is calmer than it has been in years).

Yeah, there's an agenda here all right: 'whatever the US does is wrong, nothing can be done in Iraq, and Bush is an idiot'.


Anonymous said...

Is there a Yank reading your blog, or is it just an apologist for lunacy?

No doubt s/he agrees with Thatcher that Nelson Mandela is an unreconstructed terrorist.

Anonymous said...

No, I am afraid it is probably an SNP supporter. Or someone just trying to annoy him for the sheer fun of it. Who knows...they might even believe what they are saying...
Nevertheless Angus is right the US is certainly behaving in a stupid and evil way!