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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Post Office fire

This week's destruction of the Sorting Office in Stornoway has left the Post Office desperately trying to find a new home from which to operate. In addition, there are huge problems in arranging the receipt of the business mail, with the normal drop-off point being (obviously) unavailable.

The new premises are unsatisfactory, but will do in the short-term, although major issues relating to the operation of vehicles in the front area which the pedestrians walk-through remain to be sorted.

Having had the need to visit the building twice in two days, I can see the significant changes (for the better) in what will always be a poor second-best.

I'm authoritatively told that the plan is to bull-doze the existing building and rebuild, a process which will take an estimated 12 months. With Xmas just around the corner, the poor postmen are really having a very hard time now and will have throughout 2008.


Anonymous said...

I know that other Islands in the Western Isles complain about the Postal service but I have always found the Post on Lewis to be excellent, first class even.
Good luck to the guys over the xmas period and I hope they don't have to much hassle from the public expecting miracles in what will be a very difficult time for them

Anonymous said...

We moved to Berneray over three years ago. During this time, the postal service has been faultless. Have never had a piece of mail get lost; post that's not adequately addressed still turns up. And more often than not, stuff posted on the mainland (even far away) the day before arrives here the day after.

Compared to where we lived before, in a village less than 20 miles from Glasgow. We'd often have post missing; or get other people's post; or have long delays; or have to collect stuff from the office. Not good when you are resident; pretty bad when self-employed and working from home.

No, postal service on Berneray beats the heck out of that experienced as a resident of Renfrewshire and Glasgow.

Anonymous said...

for some reason i got all of the mail meant for someone on $) C..... Street, LS