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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Improving the travel experience

Two stories caught my eye, and I suggest that my taking the opportunities offered by both, then there is an innovative tourism marketing opportunity for the islands.

1. The Comhairle want a larger plane on the Barra run, but continuing to land on the beach as a tourist attraction.
2. Singapore Airlines now provide double beds on the new A380, but want customers to refrain from joining the mile-high club.

Am I the only one to see a business opportunity here? A larger plane fitted with double beds landing on the beach at Barra would have the tourists flocking to the islands, and it would provide a unique experience for passengers. (Insert own joke here about a bumpy ride).

Just a thought.


Anonymous said...

Angus MacNeil MP would need to be banned from the flight ......

Anonymous said...

Surely more good news, a larger plane would lead to more employment and therefore more
sea men on the beach!

Anonymous said...

In a study of the 'Beaches of Barra and the Uists' published by the Countryside Commission for Scotland in 1971. W Ritchie drew attention to factors affecting beach drainage at Traigh Mhor and Traigh Eais and raised the probability that continued extraction of coarse shell for 'harl' might eventually soften the beach and affect its use as a landing strip.

Apparently, also in 1971, the Army under their 'Opmac' scheme were prepared to build the runways for a hard landing area. It would have cost £80,000 but was abandoned due to fears of coastline erosion. I wonder what it would cost now?

The sooner a hard landing area is built in Barra the better. The beach may be very picturesque and touristy but if there is ever an incident in Barra that results in multiple live casualties, it will be a nightmare to try and get them off. You might be able to land a C30 Hercules on the beach, but I wouldn't like to be on it when it tries to take off again.

Anonymous said...


I've just spotted a typo in the last sentence of my previous comment. Please amend 'C30' to read 'C130'.


Anonymous said...

Angus MacNeil could be the star attraction!