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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Petitions and coercion

So the LDOS claim that 3,760 people have signed their petition against Sunday ferries.

That may be numerically true, but with some teachers thrusting the petition under the noses of pupils and demanding that they sign the petition, I am sure that the true level of support is not as claimed.

Personally, I think that each and every one of these teachers should be disciplined - imagine the outcry if they were doing this with a petition calling FOR Sunday sailings - and I hope that the Education Department takes the appropriate stance. Especially as some if these children didn't agree with what they were made to sign.

As the Rev Coghill said, "We did have to strike a number of names off the petition because they lived outside the island." Presumably, he will now strike-off the names of children and those who were coerced by teachers?

After all, I've seen the tactics used, which had the effect of making me more anti-Sabbatarian than before.

I'm sure that Rev Coghill, as a member of the Education and Children's Services Committee of Comhairle nan Eilean Siar, will ensure that the best interests of the children comes before the private interests of the teachers.


Anonymous said...

FANTASTIC, population of Lewis - about 18,000, let the anti ferry use children and they can even round it up to 5000. Thats 13,000 who did not sign. EASY the pro Sunday ferry stance has the vote, Thanks Rev C.

Anonymous said...

Once more I find myself making a stand as a christian... I think this is dirty tactics that Judas himself would not have used.

the commandment says YOU shall not work on the sabbath day. Yes you may stop your employees working on the sabbath, people who live in your house, even your animals, but you cannot stop anyone else. I think it would do christians the world of good to be challenged in what they do and certainly do them no harm.

Anonymous said...

BUT don't the Calmac employees work on Sunday's anyway?
Does the anti Sunday working stance mean that people who are not Christian are not welcome to the Islands? eg Jewish, Seventh Day Adventist etc etc
Maybe they could start an anti Friday or Saturday stance and then where would we be?

Anonymous said...

I've seen the pro-ferry petition being forced under the noses of people in the pubs, some of whom can't even focus on what they're signing. I hear no outrage about that.

Anonymous said...

what a daft comment about the petition majority. That's like saying i put a petition around against capital punishment and 1000 signed it. Does that mean 17000 are for it?