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Friday, May 07, 2010

Bells and balls

corncrakeSomewhat amusingly, the RSPB are requesting that cats have bells put on their collars to alert the corncrakes (right) and stop them being killed by the domesticated moggies of the Western Isles.

I like wild birds as much as the next man, and roast pigeon is one of my favourite dishes, but the developing attempt by the RSPB to effectively designate the whole of the UK as a nature reserve goes beyond the rational and into the dominating and obsessive.

Although there is obviously a need to protect our wildlife, when offered the chance to enforce a permanent ban without cost on commercial shooting on the hunting estates in Lewis, the RSPB declined to get take up such an opportunity and refused to get into a debate about the subject.

Why on earth could that be? What double standards could be being applied here?

I think we should ask their Patron (below), seen caring for the wildlife on one of her estates.

Queen gun


Anonymous said...

Having spent many hours camping in thewilds of Uig and being woken at ungodly hours by corncrakes I would quitehappily loose every cat in the island on them!

Anonymous said...

Cool cat photo on the BBC link.

Anonymous said...

At the launch, Cllr Nicholson, chair of the Local Biodiversity Action Plan (LBAP) Steering Group, said: “An important objective of the Western Isles LBAP is to raise awareness of the importance of the habitats and species which are found commonly throughout the Western Isles but which are important nationally or internationally. These posters are a fantastic resource for raising awareness not only in schools but in communities throughout the islands. I hope that people will be encouraged to become involved in action for biodiversity as even the smallest changes in the way things are done in the home, croft, garden or school can make a real difference.” belling your cat?

Anonymous said...

and more...

"Liaise with Cat Protection League to raise awareness of the danger cats pose to corncrakes and work to lower the cost of neutering to reduce the number of cats."

Action 2.4 from Western Isles Biodiversity Action Plan: Community Consultation Final Report, June 2005.

Good grief is this one occasion where the Comhairle and RSPB are actually singing from the same hymn sheet? And not just bells but subsidising forced sterilisation!

Ooh Angus you reactionary!

Anonymous said...

Re 9.43 pm above. The Comhairle in Stornoway don't sing from hymn sheets - just psalms, without bells, or any other jingles! Castration is a taboo subject. ASBO's for the Corncrakes now under consideration. Another job creation opportunity?

John Macleod said...

Its a great picture of HM for a caption compo.

Pheeleep, where are you Pheeleep

Anonymous said...

No matter what I do to avoid these birds (and I can't swerve) they seem to take great delight flying directly into my headlights as I drive along the Pentland Rd.

I reckon each year I probably hit 8-10. On one occassion I hit 2/3 but they spun off into the ditch. They are certainly not the most intelligent of birds and remind me of the dodo's in Ice Age that take great delight in terminating their lives early.

Has anyone tried these as roadkill?

I take it they could be quite tasty marinaded in hoisin, demerera, wine vinegar and garlic and thrown on a barbeque.

I know that mink and otter are a nice treat done this way and suspect the same of the corncrake, if only I could find the bloody things, despite having a torch in the boot.

Anonymous said...

Cats suck anyway

Anonymous said...

Not much bird knowledge, but I think you have more chance of hitting Britney Spears on the Pentland Road rather than a Corncrake.

Pentland Road is moorscape, so I suspect you are talking about grouse.

Perhaps you should join the RSPB to at least learn what you eat!

Anonymous said...

A traveller appeared in Stornoway Sheriff Court for roasting a protected species of owl over a fire at Ceann a' Bhaigh.
When asked how he plead the accused replied 'Not Proven' M'lud.
After fining him the sheriff who was a shooting man his-self enquired "What did it taste like as a matter of interest?"
"Well Sir- Half Way between an Osprey and a Golden Eagle"

Anonymous said...

I've tried corncrake. A cliche, I know, but they really did taste like chicken, just slightly nuttier.

There was a disappointing amount of meat on each of them, so doubtful whether it was worth the bother.

Anonymous said...

Bakers and Farmers are the only people who should be allowed cats. Kill the rest.

Anonymous said...

Are designations as bad as mant allude to? They stopped Lewis Wind Power which the majority wanted. harris community want
to designated themselves a National Park (or is some smart arse now going to say that was a flawed vote).

Tourists come for the landscape and in turn create jobs, boost the economy.