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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

To pee or not to pee

Public toilets, Stornoway styleSo the toilets in Percival Square are to remain closed after the building work in the square is completed.

This is in accordance with some vague, unspecified, Council decision made in light of budget cuts etc etc etc.

As the tender documents, issued in on 28 January said:
Comhairle Nan Eilean Siar, local authority for the Western Isles Area, is inviting expressions of interest for the construction of a new civic space in the centre of Stornoway. The works mainly comprise the remodelling of an existing car park and the resurfacing of approx 1100 sq metres in natural stone paving.
The estimated cost of the project is £350k.
Expressions of interest must be made through the Public Contracts Scotland Portal by 8th February 2010.
They seem to have forgotten that the new 'Civic Square' was to have what is now a derelict building right in the middle of the tourist attraction. That'll have the Cruise Liners queuing at the harbour mouth.

However, there won't be any queues at the public toilets in the Bus Station - the new main public toilet provision for Stornoway - at least on Sundays, as the Bus Station is locked, where Percival Square was coin operated.

Perhaps the £350,000 on remodelling Percival Square would have been better spent on toilets, showers and other facilities for yachtsmen and other tourists?

Perhaps the Councillor might try and find out who made this decision, with what authority, and why a major piece of work in the Town Centre is now to be ruined. Or will the building be demolished, to solve the problem?


Anonymous said...

councillor Keith Dodson said: "the Square will include an open air stand for concerts which will regenerate the town centre" Ehhh yea... once a year when Charlie has his Carol sevice and swithes on the Christmas Lights (assuming thats not gone from the budget also)

Anonymous said...

Over a third of a million pounds? That's eight experienced teachers for a year. Glad the Comhairle has that much spare cash kicking around for a low priority project.

Anonymous said...

Try having a pee in Harris on a Sunday. Tarbet ones all locked up.

Anonymous said...

Everyone I know thinks this is the biggest pile of ...ever. Bring back the right to crap!

Anonymous said...

This is a shocker, trying to cut costs this way after spending all that money on premises if earlier posts are anything to go by!!!

What are this council playin at??

We need a complete shake up and cant see many of these councilors getting reelected when it comes round to it again!!!

Anonymous said...

Very Simple answer courtesy of our Glorious Comhairle.....jump on Sound of Harris Ferry to Benbecula......have a swim and Pee to your hearts content......preferably not in the pool although it goes on.

What's all the fuss about?

The closure of Perceval Square was also very openly done by the Comhairle without the need for "consultation"

Anonymous said...

Should we have a mass pee-in to make our point?

Anonymous said...

The Library toilets are in the middle of town, put up a sign in big bold letters informing people that they are their to be used,
I always use them when I need to despite the jobsworths, Just brush past them and put 5p. on the desk on the way out.
It is after all public property.

Anonymous said...

Don't know what all the fuss is about. The council are making provision for a pee. Most towns had band stands built from the late 50-60's which have now fallen out of use and are never used as band stands. Stornoway is just catching up with these developments, and of course all these structures make an ideal location for relieving onselves when caught short and for collecting empty cans. Don't know what the ladies are going to do though! Maybe some funding could be found from some slush fund to plant extra thick bushes instead of one of the trees?

Anonymous said...

This council are like the European Parliament...they get together just to discuss what stupid decisions they can take. They think that they are there to tell us what to do instead of doing what we tell them. Quite a few little Hitlers amongst them..kick them out.