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Friday, May 21, 2010

Volcanic weather

In conversation with a number of locals, it was clear that the influence of the the Icelandic volcano was significant, if not sever for us as ground dwelling beings.

The thin layer of dust every day on the car, the unexpected precipitation in very large rain drops and the intermittent snow/hail falls were evidence that the dust was causing water vapour to form around it and crash to the ground in short, sharp falls. The dust is probably good for the ground, as it carries minerals and is bring moisture to a usually less damp (I really hesitate to use the word 'dry') soil in these islands.

And then I saw a video the Mr Eugenides had of an Oklahoma hail storm, and thought that we really have nothing to worry about.

Mr E thinks we are all doomed: I think we need to be less pessimistic and rise to the immense challenge.

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Anonymous said...

A friend of the family, living in Australia, suffered a freak hail shower with hailstones the size of large oranges. One of the township dwellers who still had power had to put samples in his deep freeze for the insurance companies to view.