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The truths they don't want you to read....

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Intermittent posting

Someone had complained about why I haven't posted something I promised/teased.

Sorry, but trying to do everything means that sometimes something has to give.

It's blogging that has suffered as I haven't had time to assimilate the papers I hold.


Anonymous said...

If you have half the evidence you claim to have, then saying you have not the time to do anything about it is just not good enough. You have a duty to pass on what you have to the external auditors or the police, or both. Alternatively, if, once you had a chance to look at it, you realised that perhaps you initially had made two and two come to more than the accepted answer of four; you should have the decency to withdraw your initial allegations. If you are not prepared to do either of these then we can all draw the conclusion that, with your new contract, you have been bought off.

Anonymous said...


I'm new here and just wanted to drop by with a little "hello" message (sorry if I have posted in the wrong section!)

My name is Courtney, mom to two lovely boys, and a parttime soccer coach!

I'm here to sniff around and gather some information, so please welcome me :O)

Have a fantastic day!