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The truths they don't want you to read....

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

The Royal Flight

So just who recently wrote to the Chairman of Loganair complaining about being searched every time they went through the airport?

Who asked for an easing of the searches on the grounds that they should never be a suspect?

And, who asked for a dispensation whereby they didn't have to turn up and check in 30 minutes before a flight, but could arrive at the last minute and have tickets, baggage staff and security all ready to zoom them through the check-in and onto the flights, without having to wait with the mere public?

And when the Chairman phoned the airport and told the airport staff at Barra to give said Very (self)Important Person an easier time, which employee stood her ground and told the Chairman where to stick the request for 'special treatment' and insisted that all passengers be treated equally?

 I'm told that the story is running around the island like wildfire, and is doing absolutely no favours for Mr MacNeil coming polling day.

But then, it can't be true, can it?


Anonymous said...

Is that the best anyone can do as a smear campaign against ABM this time around? Surprised at the lameness of this.

Anonymous said...

The best? Are you also trying to say Orkney, while his wife was pregnant was also a smear. As was claiming for a toblerone, a pair of wellies among others, and doing nothing about the Rocket range. For Gods sake wake up!!!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I suspect that is not a smear campaign, just the truth.I have witnessed some of this myself - toe curling stuff.I suspect AB will be travelling a lot less soon.

Anonymous said...

The self same has happened at Benbecula airport too, I am a witness to that.

It ended up holding everyone up as the person "discussed" why they shouldn't have to wait in the lounge with us common muck.

Anonymous said...

Ignore story about The Royal Flight. Mostly fabricated by the unnamed author

Anonymous said...

Not a smear? Okay, I'll just put it down to a massive coincidence that this kicks off online the evening before people vote, rather than, well, any other day :)

Anonymous said...

Anon writes, without a hint of irony: Mostly fabricated by the unnamed author.

Which bits do you dispute?

Anonymous said...

"I'm told that..." = "I made it up in my wee mind that..."

Anonymous said...

The SNP cybernats are unhappy at the exposing of their bumptious Barra Bhouy and resume the usual approach of insult and evasiveness rather than giving a straight answer to anything.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:25 - is that you Kenny Flip?

Anonymous said...

Why is stating fact seen as a smear? Most of the Southern Isles have aware of this story for a long time now.I can understand why we are being reminded of it -11.32pomposity of a buffoon hits the nail right on the head.
I wasn't voting AB anyway but now I'm sure i won't change my mind when I go to vote.

Anonymous said...

Is it only now you have got this story in Lewis? It's been known about here for months.

I think that the Stornoway Airport staff know about it too,and he may have tried the same trick there.

Hopefully, he'll be getting the rubber glove treatment from now on..... :-)

Anonymous said...

Re - 7.49

Am astonished (if it's true) that he was allowed by the local SNP to employ his wife. Surely they should have been keeping a tighter control on Mr MacNeil and not allowing him to indulge in nepotism.

How on earth can Kenny Flip, Mrs Macinnes, Rae Mackenzie and co live with themselves?

They have allowed the great anti-corruption campaigner to get off with nepotism.

I must admit I took him for a fool but never a hypocrite!

Anonymous said...

If I was the MP I’d try the same tactic.

If it worked whey hey, you would not have to put up with so much of the ridiculous OTT carry on that the staff at these airports call security.

I've travelled a lot and no where do I get spoken to in such a patronising way as in HIA airports. No where do I get so many 'random' searches and nowhere is security such a pain or so slow. If they used the technology properly things would be more efficient and pleasant for all.

Anonymous said...


I don't disagree with you that we have more "jobs worths" in our Island Airports than anywhere else in the world and I have travelled to many distant lands.

I have seen lone mothers with more than one small child asked to remove their shoes, drink their children's expressed milk and even wake a child up when they were in the buggy so that the buggy can be scanned and the child taken through the scanner.

BUT why should ABM be exempted from this treatment, if we have to then so should he.

Anonymous said...

all in favour of a speedy check in and fast transit for someone as important as the MP. Why should we delay him on his important business?

I think we should extend this preference to MSPs and Councillors too, as they aren't ever going to cause trouble are they?

And Priests and Mnisters too, but only of Christian relgions.

And children.

And pregnant women and nursing mothers.

And disabled people and those with glasses.

And school pupils and important businessmen and university students (but not those at College).

But no-one with a beard, unless they are also MP, who should be in a special special line ahead of all the other special people.

All other passengers have to carry the VIPs to the plane.

Captain sensible said...

After backing up Castlebay school and saying there is no problems there, how can anybody trust a LIAR like ABM!!! SECURITY GIVE HIM THE FULL WORKS... He's a CNes sympathiser, and if not elected hopeful of getting his old job back!!!!! No wonder people have lost faith in SNP... might as well vote BNP! at least thier honest!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that tosser AB has won his seat again, we might aswel pack our bags and emigrate like our ancestors. He'll do bugger all for uist and barra as usual and keep lewis happy where the council reside!! what a w**ker. At least Maggie Thatcher did something for us.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:13am

No No No you got it all wrong, he'll do f*ck all up here in Lewis as well. He is not selective where he does nothing and that is the only consistant thing about him.

Anonymous said...

1.13 At least 6723 people in the Western Isles do not agree with you Who is the tosser/wanker now

Anonymous said...

7.29 I guess I am but at least I'm honest enough to admit it!!!!!!!
Being a staunch SNP voter all my life, I voted for LIB Dems yesterday because we need a party that is going to fight for the Islanders and do what they want. Donald Manford, Gerry MacLeod,Alaster Allan and AB,and the rest of the councillors, have done F--K all about the problems in Castlebay school, infact they made the problem a lot worse with their actions. Its time they sorted out the mess they have created and give our kids the chance they need.

Anonymous said...

Now that AB has been re-elected again (I honestly cannot think why) will he take part in any issues relating to The Island of Barra - which is situated of the West Coast of Scotland. I think AB may have forgotten us, although give credit where it's due, he did telephone the BBC in 2005 looking for our wee 'blob' on the weather map = by f**k did that not warnt his re-election!!??
There is a special prize if anyone - anywhere - can guess?? what else AB has done for Barra.
(Don't worry, the prise fund won't come from his own pocket - it will be on his expences form ;o(
(paid by us!)
Ohhh, 2 by an MP!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey gie the man a break... I visit Barra a lot and its no pleasant at check in desk dealing with the underworked permanent fag break that is Moody Janet and her sniggering side kick Poison Pat

Captain Sensible said...

Reply to 9.38pm, If you think its bad at the airport!! you should try working in Castlebay school. At least they talk to each other at the airport and seem to have a laugh. The teachers in Castlebay school should try and take some laughing lessons but they are probably scared encase their faces crack with the door looks on them. As for AB, HE is not above the law or the CAA regulations, he has to remember that HE is an ELECTED MEMBER and is the servant of the PUBLIC, so he should start serving them what they desire and sort out Castlebay school,(also stop retired teachers going in there on supply and costing a fortune,while on a full pension + they're extremely high daily wage),when there are young teachers on the island that can't get work. Sort your own island out first and don't think you can waltz in through security without being searched. YEAH!! I,ll gie him a break alright..

Anonymous said...

Reply to 9.38PM

Yes AB, about moody Janet and Poison Pat.

1474 people would not agree with you about who have all written letters complmenting Janet on her exceptional customer care.

Anonymous said...

How interesting! Would you also be able to give an approximate number as to those who have complained bitterly about the customer relations of one of loganairs employees in Barra; aka Moody Janet?

Anonymous said...

so, what's the problem here?

A customer turning up late for a flight. Any other airport, you'd be told that the gate is closed, and i like everybody else whould have to accept it.

I here the same thing happened to AB this week, and if the rule is your late then your off the flight.

Maybe AB should leave earlier and to allow for the Barra traffic jams. He is after all just another ordninary customer, like you and me and we know the rules of flying. DON'T BE LATE.