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Saturday, May 01, 2010

Cosmopolitan dining

flag of Nepal Last night saw a special dining event in the Caladh Inn (formerly the Seaforth Hotel) here in the metropolis of Stornoway.

The Nepalese chef had prepared a themed event of traditional Nepalese food, ranging from soups through desserts, and what a delicious spread it was.

The food was all very simple, but beautifully spiced and tasted beautiful.

Carrots are obviously a major element of the diet, as there was a shredded carrot cold starter and a carrot and yoghurt dessert. Both were tremendous.

The variety of mains was excellent, and being a buffet you could have a bit of everything (and we did). The youngest found the food just a bit too spicy, but she loved the spiced rice and the flat breads, whilst the eldest ate everything that was going.

It was very busy even early on when we were there, and it was good to see yet another excellent dining option in Lewis. Alongside the usual traditional restaurants, the town now boasts two Indians, a Chinese, a Thai and a Bengali Bangladeshi plus take-aways, boasting a range of options that many larger towns can only dream of.

I look forward to some Nepali dishes appearing at the regular Sunday buffet, just to spice it up.

(I've corrected Bengali to Bangladeshi, which was stupid mistake to make. I understand it is like English for Scottish or vice versa. Sorry guys, didn't mean to be so ignorant.)


Anonymous said...

Must have missed the Bengali restaurant or maybe I'm wandering around in a parallel (or not quite) dimension. Where is it?

Anonymous said...

It's just up fae the Thai

Anonymous said...

Its in Cromore. Gali's wife produces the best salt herring you'll get anywhere on the planet. Unlike the Nepalese, Ben Gali seems to use a lot of potatoes.I recommend her shredded cold potato skins for starters and potato and oatmeal in thick milk for pudding (dont get desserts in Cromore).Gali himself sources all the ingredients locally - from the van that calls once a week. Hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

The restaurant just up from the Thai is Bangladeshi, not Bengali - hence Bangla in its name?

Love the Ben Gali line!!

Anonymous said...

I have it on the best authority that one of them Indians is in fact a Bangladeshi

Anonymous said...

I take it the 2 Indians are Ali's and the County, not the Bangla.