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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Whisky tasting

(see previous post)

With a Portishead cd playing beautifully in the background...

Antiquary: is that Ant-iquary or Antiqu-ary? I always think of the pub in Stockbridge. Light colour. Mild and gentle nose. Strong and sharp, if not acidic taste in the mouth and as it goes down. The pub used to do a marvellous plate of stovies for us impoverished students, which frankly I'd rather have at the moment.

Almost a bit a catastrophe there. I nearly poured myself a Sloe Vodka which I received as a present in a Whisky bottle that has still got the original label. Not a route I plan to go down tonight. Yet.

Chivas Regal: This bottle is the first time I have ever had Chivas. Nice light colour. Mild, unassuming smell. Strongly flavoured with a good finish that gives you just the right feel as it goes down your throat. Yet there is something missing. Is this an export blend appealing to the bland? Not quiet, but nothing I would buy again. Actually gets quiet clawing towards the end of the small glass.
Beware of Otters
Interlude: on a visit to Uist many years ago I went back to the B&B where the owner offered me a dram. He opened the bottle of Glenfiddich, threw the top in the fire, and said "We've started so we'll finish!" All with a 7am boat at Otter Ferry (pre-causeway days) awaiting.

Time to open the Macallan 10yo: darker colour and a much stronger and more abrasive nose than the other two. But a sip and it is like being kissed by angels as the flavour fills the mouth and coats the tongue and throat in a full whisky experience. Yum, yum, yum.

Another interlude: Another time in Barra, during an election campaign, I was driven from the B&B in Northbay to Vatersay at no more than 15mph by a wonderful, but now sadly deceased friend, at 12pm for a 'cup of tea' which turned into a bowl of soup and a wine glass full to the very top of whisky. The glass was sipped and then declined, and I was driven slowly back to Northbay getting into the B&B by close to 3am, just in time to rise for the early ferry.

Taster three empty, and so to sleep.

Drink responsibly, but enjoy.

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Mrs N said...

Nothing like a large hint of what you want me to buy you in the duty free! xx