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The truths they don't want you to read....

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


A press release today gives some idea of the issues running above and below the surface in South Uist. Why is there apparently so much fear of retribution for speaking our against the evil rapacious landlord friendly community directors?

Petition from the Friends of Murdo MacKenzie
An email bearing the name Murdo MacDonald notified the Chief Executive of Storas Uibhist that a petition would be presented to the company at 4pm on Monday May 10th 2010.
Today Eric Twelves (Loch Eynort) and Archie MacDonald (Torlum) attended the Storas Uibhist office . They were accompanied by Susy MacAulay, a freelance journalist.
The petition was presented to the Chief Executive who issued a statement on behalf of the company. Both documents will added to the company website ( shortly.
The petition contained no names, but a handwritten note stated that: "You may verify the signatures by arrangement with Gilbert Walker or Eric Twelves at Lochboisdale Police Station." This statement was also unsigned.
In the circumstance, the Board is minded to give no weight to the document unless the membership considers otherwise.
Comments can be sent to the Board via email ( or by writing to the Storas Uibhist office.
The Board of Directors


Anonymous said...

I know too little of this but the website (in particular the Business Plan) looks good for a few hours of amusement later on.

Anonymous said...

Well, quite where to begin, the fact that the chairman went to the council offices the day after the AGM two years ago and demanded to see whether the same Murdo MacKenzie had planning consent for polytunnels which he had built on his apportionment (Murdo had the audacity to challenge the chairman at the AGM) might have given a few locals pause for thought.

The threatening of resigning directors, by the Storas solicitor Duncan Burd, of "public humiliation and personal bankruptcy" if they raised concerns.

Oh aye, the council building control officer also happens to be a director of Storas. He has a forthcoming appointment with specsavers as he is apparently able to spot, and enforce, breaches of planning regulations by locals - but couldn't see that the Askernish golf course didn't actually have planning consent on the day it opened to a fanfare of publicity.

Might not the local priest, Fr Mise, being on the board as vice chair not have some sway over what is a largely catholic island. He has made some very public announcements which subsequently turned out to be entirely fanciful - cannot call a priest a liar after all - the fallout of which affects the whole community.

Pause for breath!

The threatening of the editor of the local paper after what was perceived as a 'negative' report.
Fortunately the ed. had enough cohones to refuse to reveal their sources despite being threatened with the PCC.

The spectre of Brian Wilon and his gang pulling various strings behind the scenes with the board of directors.

A welsh thug being paid £50k plus expenses to go around bullying and threatening local business people.

A current estate staff of 23, and a wages bill in excess of half a million.

Peculiar goings on in relation to the finance arrangements for the wind turbines, and a growing suspicion that the chairman has a bit of a vested intrest ( Yoohoo Pairc, different buyout same $hit)

The Askernish crofters being hounded into a corner from which the only escape was to sign a worthless piece of paper which effectively removed their grazing rights, and also ensured that they could lose their tenancies if they were in breach of the agreement conditions. Cost to the community in excess of £110K, and rising.

Must stop, as I am beginning to hyperventilate.
Yes Angus, you are right, I cannot understand why no one will raise their head above the parapet.

Incidentally, where is the recourse for the tenants on a buyout that goes sour?

Anonymous said...

Recourse - apparently the answer is the "trusts" are democratically elected so you can vote them out. Thats if anyone can stomach the prospect of sitting in a room with these creeps. But surely there's no such thing as a bad community landlord?

Anonymous said...

Does this link refer to the welshman you mentioned?

Anonymous said...


Thanks for that.

Anonymous said...

And can't you just see all this going down in Pairc - one sight of the directors list is enough.

They have already started the bullying and spending of money they have yet to get.

Only waits to see if Brian Wilson is coopted on to Pairc Trust Board to confirm the worst.

Anonymous said...

I said from day 1 that this buyout would not work. For various reason it would not work. The first and foremost being that there was no demand from the local people to buy out in the first place. As far as I could make out it was just a con by the previous owners to use the present legislation to offload an asset at a hugely inflated price. There are lots of other reasons but I see the whole thing unraveling over the coming 24 months. The people in charge are just out of their depth and are slowly being found out.

Anonymous said...


That is the very man. I am reassured to know that we are safe in the hands of a chappie whose longest period of employment is to have spent seven years as a baby sitter.

However I am surprised that he does not receive the occasional kick as it is somewhat irritating to have him rubbing himself on your leg in the manner of the very best pedigree poodle.
Mind you, I have noted that common crofters and locals have not been subjected to this experience, must suffer from some sort of allergic reaction to them.

Anonymous said...

Surely one of the first things to be cut by the CONDEM public schoolboy alliance will be handouts to these freeloaders.

Stop these community buyouts now.

Anonymous said...

SU's accounts for 2007 and 2008 reveal some interesting stats.

- accumulated deficit of £81k
- public subsidy received £225k
- professional and accountancy fees £224k (Gulp!)
- profits to reinvest in the community £0

So £224k of public money squandered on company restructuring and pursuing Askernish crofters through the Land Court.

No wonder SU's lawyers (Gillespie MacAndrew) and accountants (Scott Moncrieff) nominated Angus MacMillan as Institute of Directors 2008 Director of the Year - the very least they could do!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Good to see from Huw's CV (thanks 8:45 AM) that he has links with the mujahadden. That could be his trump card for keeping those pesky crofters in line!

Anonymous said...

What a strap line he uses too


A man with boots does not mind where he places his foot

Anonymous said...

Surely the time has come for a PI into this lots activities.

What do the Comhairle have to say about things? They are keeping noticeably quiet.

Did they not help fund the buy-out too?

Anonymous said...

A buyout going nowhere, apart from being used as an example as how a buyout is seriously flawed from day one.

Anonymous said...

@ 7:38 AM

Yes a PI is definitely required. It should be chaired by somebody called Napier and all witnesses should be given a reassurance that they won't have their leases "re-negotiated" ...

Talk about history repeating itself!