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Monday, May 24, 2010

Swimming on a Sunday

I was supposed to be at the photo-op outside the Sport Centre yesterday, where all those who think that it should be open 7 days a week were invited to attend and show their support.

But I went swimming instead.

Well, paddling actually, when a pipe burst in the kitchen, flooding the area with the entire contents of the cold water tank until such time as I got the stopcock closed and the system drained.

I count three hotels in Stornoway offering a full Sunday dining opportunity. Five bars that are open to the public. Plus one bar that is (was?) invitation only. Oh yes, and 12 (or is it 13?) Churches. A single ferry and flights in and out to Inverness, Glasgow and Edinburgh.

And as I have discovered, more 24/7 on-call plumbers than you can shake a Catechism at.

Twenty minutes - yes, 20 minutes - to have two of them at my door (from the same firm, which will remain nameless) at the request of a friend in the trade who couldn't do the work himself.

Despite the Sports Centres in Uist and Barra being open 7 days a week, we mere mortals in Lewis (and Harris) and considered unsuitable to be able to cope with a family swimming event on a Sunday.

Probably because the powers that be think we will be too pished from going to all the pubs and hotels they licence as being suitable entertainment for a Sunday.

I'd love to link here to the decisions of the Licencing Board to give a fuller understanding of the logic and lateral thinking, but as the Licencing Board are a separate legal entity, made up exclusively of Councillors, the Comhairle are apparently unable to publish the minutes of meetings, or even the decisions they have taken. The Comhairle do, however, publish the notices of applications and the current agenda; and the current - flawed - policy document; and underwrite all the costs; and provide the legal advice that is frequently ignored by some of the more original thinkers on the Board; and pay for the legal costs of successful appeals.

That's democracy and public accountability for you.

But then I've just submitted an FoI request about that: the result of which will be hosted somewhere suitable in due course.

Lewis: the only place where you can you drink yourself unconscious on a Sunday, but not teach your child to swim.


“What do I think of Western Isles civilisation? I think it would be a very good idea.” Mahatma Gandhi Morrison


Anonymous said...

With both the Free Church and Church of Scotland's numbers going down, you would think they would try to connect with the people- not drive a wedge between them. Why can they not let others live there life the way they want.

Anonymous said...

Try going to a beach.

Anonymous said...

Living in a 24/7 society I see nothing but advantages for all. People can do what they want, when they want and when their lifestyles suit them. People can work when it suits them and earn money for their families to enjoy things. Parents can work when their children aren't there and be there for them when they are. Surely it should be our choice to decide when our day of rest should be and how we spend it.

Anonymous said...

I think someone should ask the Council how much opening on a Sunday in the north would actually cost what with Sunday payments etc.

Not that I would accuse them of being overly concerned with the financial implications of a decision rather than the principles underlying it. They never have been before.

Anonymous said...

re anon comment living in a 24/7 ... I agree it should be our choice but this also includes those who would be required to work if the sports centre opened. Do they not get a choice?

Anonymous said...

Anyone who thinks that I will run up the white flag and surrender my culture to an arrogant and patronising liberal elite is much mistaken. Our culture is being undermined by hateful people who mock and deride everything that we are. I liken them to the Jewish settlers who waltz into to an established Palestinian society and want to change everything to fit their world view.

Anonymous said...

Oh please, you expect me to take a toddler to the beach for a swim when it is sub zero temperatures and the swell would sweep them away. Oh well I suppose you think that God is worth that sacrifice. What a hypocryt

Anonymous said...

Yes should get a choice and I am sure you will find many young sports minded people willing to work and earn money on a Sunday.

Anonymous said...

I'll bet they would be prepared to work a bit harder and a bit longer when this happens:

Welcome to the real world, it's about time.

Anonymous said...

10.55 I think you need to get a grip. Not everyone defines themselves in the way you assume. Is your view of culture restricted to one issue - the Sabbath?

Anonymous said...

re 10/14pm

Like everyone else in the UK we pay council tax for a 24/7 service - so what is the Comhairle doing with our money that should be spent on opening the pool on Sundays?