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Monday, February 06, 2012

6 metre vehicles

With the announcement via Am Paipear that vehicles up to 6m will now enjoy what passes for RET, another inequity is resolved.  Careful reading indicates that inter-island fares appear to continue to be excluded from the fare reductions.

But look at the manner of this; a Ministerial announcement is released early by the Constituency MSP. 

Unusual?  Extremely.

No sign of the announcement appearing on the Government website, and no doubt the Parliament will be a bit put out.

Of course, there is a major policy consultation on ferries going on, which includes an opportunity for the public to have their say on this very issue.  Which is all now a bit redundant, and doesn't exactly give you faith in the  consultation process when the Minister makes a unilateral decision (albeit the right one) on one aspect of the process shortly after the consultation starts.

How does this impact on the rest of the consultation?  Does it actually matter, given that the whole exercise is nothing more than an arse-covering delaying mechanism?

However, it does indicate the panic in the ranks of the Government at the prospect of a bullish, bolshy, and representative group* sitting the other side of the desk.  This is a sop to try and show the 'listening' Government and distract from the main issue.

However, I am sure that the group will not be dissuaded by minor concessions or by the vacuous blandishments of our MSP desperately trying to defuse a situation he has inflamed.

The silence of every would be SNP Councillor on this issue is very telling.  Puppets on a string.

* The deliberate exclusion of Norman MacAskill, Drimore, at the instigation of the MSP is a shocking disgrace.

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Anonymous said...

Almost everything the SNP does is a disgrace and I was brought up in an SNP supporting family. I never thought I could be so disgusted by their antics but they are a bunch of self-serving hypocrites who DO NOT have Scotland's interests at heart (only their own). Alex Salmond and crew are not best placed to decide what is "good for Scotland". The isles must consider carefully who they vote for in upcoming council elections bearing in mind the current performance of councillors and the Council.