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The truths they don't want you to read....

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Standards Commission and the behaviour of a Councillor

A big "Hello!" to the Councillor who made offensive, rude and inaccurate comments about me on Facebook, and has then tried to hide the evidence by deleting the comments.

You have 48 hours to publicly withdraw the comments and apologise or I will be going to the Standards Commission.

As you may know, Facebook comments live forever, even after being deleted.

Thanks to the person who sent me a screenshot.

It seems that the Independence debate is only a debate if you share a certain unquestioning viewpoint.

A link to this posting is being forwarded to their Council email account, and via Facebook, and then "unfriend".


Jean Davis said...

Recall I made a comment on this which has disappeared. Most of my FB friends are polite enough to ask if they can delete or at least inform me. Sadly not on this occasion. Oh well - the brave new world.

Anonymous said...

I worry so much that so many Scots really do not understand the Control and obey mindset that the SNP are trying to enforce on it's population. More and more and opinion that is not in line with party policy doesn't result in constructive debate but a block and outright abuse. Frightening state of affairs. I just hope that the Scottish people believe in democracy more than Independence.

Anonymous said...

10.26 pm It pains me to read of your worry. Let me see if I can put your mind at ease. I vote SNP and believe you me I am a democrat to the sole of my boots. As for stifling debate, J Swinney has twice asserted that we will be the sixth richest country in OECD. Why don't the unionists engage in that debate? He has invited you to debunk this assertion. So far silence.

Anonymous said...


Making a statement and backing it up with facts are two very different things.

e.g. "Next year, we'll be millionaires"

If you disagree with me I will either ridicule you publicly, insult you in front of your friends and colleagues and make life generally unpleasant for you.

I really hope that my plan will come to fruition and I will work really hard to get there but I have no fucking clue how I am going to do it, therefore my comment has no substance.

Alex Salmond and his SNP want independence from the UK but there is no meat on the bones. Please refer to the earlier comment about currency, shared public departments, share trading etc etc. Not a single response from the SNP.

I think they are all too busy going through the cyberman operation.

Either way, this blog posting is about differences of opinion and how for some time now if you disagree with the SNP and have a different point of opinion you will suffer.

Anonymous said...

Yea sorry I am on the wrong thread for this but if it's real debate you want, as stated by 10.26, John Swinney has started one and it's up to the opposition to prove him wrong.

I fail to see how the combined intellectual might of the opposition parties have not demolished his argument. Unless, what he says is true.

Neither have I personally encountered the kind of vitriol referred to. It all seems a bit silly to me.

Anonymous said...

The person who posted on Facebook obviously doesn't understand the meaning of libel and that there is a Standard's Commission to deal with this type of behaviour.

Facebook is far reaching and as his own profile is public to all, then his comments are also regardless of who he befriends.

He is a very naive individual but then I believe that this is a pre-requisite to being a member of the SNP these days.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous 7.42.

The vitriol and rubber ears are real enough I'm afraid. If you raise an issue or complain about something they don't agree with that is how it is dealt with.

I think you are looking in the wrong direction here. It's really up to the SNP to justify and prove their claims and not the other way round. They are steadfastly refusing to do this. It is time they came up with proper information and facts to be debated and stop posturing and making vague and grandiose claims. They appear hollow and fatuous at present. It's quite possible there are no real politicians left in Scotland or perhaps they just can't be heard over the SNP. What we have now is the politics of the playground.

Anonymous said...

11.04 I don't agree, John Swinney has opened the debate it is up to the opposition parties to engage with it. If you don’t engage on the main issue then you cannot complain about the quality of debate.

If it is, as you say, a vague and grandiose claim then surely Osbourne, Cameron, Milliband, Lamont, Davidson, Rennie et al would be queuing up to take the SNP down. Why the silence on this? Where are the battalions of economists they have at their disposal?

If the opposition is right and John Swinney is wrong, then they are missing an open goal. Moreover, I doubt any of the aforementioned would waste a second if they could take Salmond out of the political equation.

As for the SNP appearing hollow and fatuous, unless you engage with the main issue I would respectfully suggest that you are projecting opposition failures onto the party who are clearly making the running.

Anonymous said...

1.10pm You are entitled to your own opinion of course however if the SNP administration were making the running then they would give us FACTS and information on how independence would work. I would love to engage in the debate - any and all of it - as I dearly love Scotland, but they have given us nothing to go on but sound bites.

Making unsubstantiated claims is not making a case. You have asked why Westminster politicians have not responded but they have already been told to butt out and mind their own business so you can't have it both ways. Anyway, there is no data or information on how JS's advisors have come to this conclusion. If others come forward and say he is wrong in the same way (i.e. without backing up their claims) it adds nothing to the process. It's just the he-says-she-says game that has been played since the outset. Boring and pointless.

Anonymous said...

The reason the unionists don't put up any economic argument is that they don't have one. and therefore couldn't hols a debate.

We had DJ Macsween shouting from the rafters about all the faults with RET. Suddenly he has become the biggest RET supporter. Then there is almo who didn't believe in RET and was its biggest critic. Now he is away to Endinburgh as the main man to save it. The same goes for Angus Campbell.

When Alasdair Darling controlled the purse strings did the local Labour Party lobby for fair fuel prices. NO

The unionist parties on these islands would sell us all into poverty, including themselves then tell us what a great job they done.

Anonymous said...

Re 4.36

Disagree with any Nationalist and what you get are vague statements of what a wonderful world it's going to be when you gain independence.

You're accused of either not offering an 'optimistic vision' or 'talking Scotland down'.

It's all a bit like '1984'.

Anonymous said...

4.36 Independence in this country would work in the same way as it works in any other country. You produce goods and services, pay wages, maintain law and order provide welfare and engage with the world in a constructive manner. We have a mature society with mature institutions of governance. To suggest that Scotland is uniquely ill equipped to manage its own affairs is in my opinion, wrong.

Regarding OECD 6, to say that Westminster politicians have not taken this argument on because Alex Salmond has told them to butt out is stretching credulity. Even if that were true it would still leave the field open for Holyrood politicians to dismantle the argument.

Perhaps it is precisely these boring and pointless arguments that need to be had to give the Scottish public something to go on. It is the responsibility of the opposition to hold government to account yet they let the finance secretary make these claims in an open forum and without challenge. Something wrong there surely?

Anonymous said...

7.23 Are you listening? I am not a supporter of the "opposition" parties. Despite opening optimism I have found Holyrood to be pretty disappointing all told. My point is that the SNP are not informing us, the public, about their campaign. They are making headling grabbing statements without substance so they are not believable. I agree that the "opposition" are not holding them to account. The arguments are not boring - if we had some information with which to have the arguments we would all be better off.

Anonymous said...

48 hours over?

Angus said...

9:37 yes. More detail to follow, when I get a moment.

Anonymous said...

Angus and others ... you'll have plenty "moments" between now and autumn 2014! This is why the Referendum on Independence is way in the future, to give more time for debate and for all the information required to be in the public domain for all of us to consider. Meantime, respond through the opportunity provided in the Scot Govt Consultation. This is how democracy works - listening to the people!