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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Legal actions

In about 1990 or 1992 I gave evidence in a commercial legal action where I was subject to serious cross-examination by QCs, which was quite entertaining and a fabulous experience.  My element focussed on a valuation certificate that the client denied existed, but that I had seen and read upside-down on his desk.

The legal action dragged on due to changes in lawyers, appeals and associated actions.

After the legal action concluded various professional advisors were sued; counter-sued; and sued again.

The list of legal actions following the original case is immense including a recalled insolvency petition and the removal of assorted liquidators.

The lawyers for the successful litigant have only just had a judgement in their favour for the balance of the legal fees, some 20 years on.  There may still, of course, be an appeal.

Jarndyce v Jarndyce it was not; but I suspect it is going to appear in the legal text books when it finally finishes.

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What the Dickens are you on about?