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The truths they don't want you to read....

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

RET and Budget choices

If the cuts in RET cost an unaffordable £1.5m, then how come the Government can miraculously find £72,000,000 for roads?

It is all about priorities.

And the Western Isles aren't a priority.


Anonymous said...

And the Western Isles aren't a priority.

Not any more now that the SNP are entrenched.

Defeat and conquer, then move on...

Anonymous said...

Re - 10.28

... To gain a greater prize.

Orkney and Shetland have to be won over now.

Anonymous said...

They control the oil, they have to win the Northern Isles....

Anonymous said...

Re - 8.10 pm


RET for the Western Isles is not going down well - especially for those in Orkney.

The next step is to get rid of RET which is losing them votes in the north.

Richard T said...

Tell us about it Orkney.

You might also add in the North Isles ferry winter refit ferry programme where the Transport Minister tried to do a back door deal with Shetland behind Orkney's back to land Orkney with a ferry that last time we had it struggled to cross the Pentlamd Firth in much more than calm weather. Look also at the bids for the new ferry contracts where he suddenly split the Shetland route from the Scrabster - Stromness crossing without telling anyone before.

It seems hard to see either Islands voting to put in SNP councillors who'll just be puppets judging from your experience in the West.

Anonymous said...

I see the Labour members are judging the SNP own internal Labour standards. I suppose when you have been subservient for so long you think that is how the world is. Poor Labour members.

Anonymous said...

Re - 10.37

Fairly typical response.

No argument. Only insult.

I'm presuming you're one of the grown-ups. The evidence is against it.