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Friday, February 24, 2012

RET - the fallout

A Councillor tells me that the Chair of Transportation has sent a letter, in the name of the Council, to the Transport Minister, welcoming the changes to RET.

This obviously contradicts and undermines the position of the Council, and  I am told that many of the Councillors are livid about this.

A second Councillor is talking about a vote of no confidence, and canvassing for names for a new Chair, after the elections.

It is all going to get very messy and bitter.


Anonymous said...

"Messy and bitter" - sounds like a typical day at the Labour-controlled Council. Not that it would be any better under any of the other political parties due to the allegedly low calibre of local politicians and wannabe politicians (see recent SNP list of hopefuls). Its a sad fact that our Council repels high-calibre people and people who do not learn their lines properly. Due to the inherent problem with low calibre politicians in our islands, can our politicians ever rise above corruption, in-fighting, inefficiency, ignorance and mindless stone-throwing. The general public in the Western Isles is repelled from and by local politics because of the reputation our islands have brought to politics. An awful lot of high-decibel noise is created by the empty vessels at the Council - instead of concentrating on solving the serious economic, financial and political issues our islands face, the inability and ignorance of our politicians leads to concentration on alleged vested interests ... Hearing or reading about anything associated with island politics is indeed a nauseating experience.

Anonymous said...


Can you identify yourself so we can see your nomination papers going in for the May election? You seem to think you're the person to sort this out.

Anonymous said...

Have the SNP forgotten what the initials RET stand for? We were told that this was a scheme to get ourselves, our goods and services across the Minch at a cost equivalent to the same distance by road. Is that not it?

At the very least, Mr Manford and his acolytes should think up a new name for the scheme. It's certainly not Road Equivalent Tariff. Maybe Sea Travel Personal Discount Scheme? Any other ideas?

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:09

Commercials Require Additional Payments

Crippling Recharges by Allan's Party

Snp Hate Island Traffic

Anonymous said...

The real reason for the changes in RET was the fact that they are now introducing it to the islands of the Firth of Clyde etc.

The hauliers 'failing to pass on their savings' is just a flimsy excuse.

They needed to change the conditions to cut down on the expense if they are to extend it. Of course, they are mainly going to provide it to areas represented by SNP MSPs. The rest can wait!

Anonymous said...

See the sums ...