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The truths they don't want you to read....

Sunday, February 26, 2012

May holiday

Over the past few weeks, a lot of people have tried to find out my plans for the May bank holiday weekend.

Will I be on a walking holiday in Newton and Sandwick?

Is my metaphorical hat metaphorically going into a metaphorical ring?

What could they mean?

Thanks for your concern, but Mrs N and I have some lovely time planned together to discuss our future plans.


Anonymous said...

As a former SNP supporter I would much rather see Angus "a genuine Nationalist" represent the people of Newton than the failed Public schoolboy and the Jeweller.

Look forward to put a 1 beside Nicolson in May. The people of the Islands need people like you to stand up for them Angus.

But you must realise you will not be allowed to any meetings with ministers. It is only the selected few they will talk to.

Anonymous said...

Quite, as happened the other say in Ness. The Minister was steered away from the genuine folk and only got one sided bull from the Urras mafia. Someone needs to get the message out there that these buyouts are a con for the tax payer.

Anonymous said...

'Look forward to put a 1 beside Nicolson in May.'

Yea Charlie Nicolson

Anonymous said...

Are you going to start cutting peats Angus

Anonymous said...

I won't be putting an X (or a 1, 2, 3....) beside Nicolson in May. Be it Angus or Charlie, despite many excellent debates on this blog (amongst the pathetic ones) local politics needs fresh blood, people that can put forward new ideas and build and probably more inportantly re-build relationships between the various bodies, committees & people in the council with a view to getting things done rather than political point scoring. There are also historical mistakes in policy that need to be sorted out, again a lot easier for fresh faces to do that the ones that were part of the original flawed decisions. Angus has been there before, some people like him some don't, however his bed is perhaps made with many and I'm not really sure what he can bring to the table.
What Charlie has done for the community over the years is fantastic however as a councillor it's not working.
New blood required.
Could it be worse?

Anonymous said...

I believe part of the deal that was struck in 2007 with local Government was that any councillors who stood down and did not seek re-election, and accepted the money on offer at that time to do so, were therefore ineligible to seek re-election in 2012.

Assuming that you're no different from every other ex-councillor in Scotland and accepted the money on offer, you should therefore stop talking nonsense Angus and confess that you're ineligible to seek election this year.

Angus said...

I never signed such a document, as that would have been contrary to ECHR; as I pointed out in Council. The final water-down agreement was explicitly that you announced your intention to stand down before a certain date AND did not actually then stand at the May 2007 election.

Anonymous said...

A corrupt businessman and a bunch of yes men. We certainly need new blood and fresh ideas as long as they are what Mr. Salmond dictates. Methinks you are running scared at the thought of a Nicolson x...

Anonymous said...

A corrupt business man... strong words. I never realised.

If the electorate choose anyone called Nicolson then I shall respect that - it's called democracy. However I won't be voting like that and I'm certainly not 'running scared', especially of what are pretty much known quanities.