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The truths they don't want you to read....

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Party before the public

I don't know why anyone is surprised that Alasdair Allan will hide behind "collective responsibility" when he votes to undermine the economy of the islands later today.  His campaigning over the restriction on ADS was a master-class in invisibility and duplicity.

This is a man for whom becoming a unthinking party loyalist has been the sole driving ambition. 

At least since he stopped being a Labour supporter. 

It is not as if we can dignify his intentions with his being a member of the 'payroll vote', as it is clear that utter obedience is the principal trait that justifies his entire existence.  Parachuted into the constituency as a reward for years of brown-nosing, he has perfected the techniques which have so brought Parliament and politicians into public contempt.

His record of questioning SNP decisions is there for all to see; a few banalities about "my constituents" followed by voting exactly as instructed by the party.  Against his voters.

You - the public - get exactly what you vote for.

Remember that when the SNP Councillors ask you to vote for them, and their silent support for the abolition of RET.


Anonymous said...

Dave Thompson MSP (SNP):

"The fact is that the evaluation of the RET pilot clearly showed that the vast majority of haulage firms were not passing the savings they made from RET on to consumers..."

Anyone seen this mysterious study??

Anonymous said...

11.11 - It's even now being written?

Anonymous said...

Re - 11.11

Must confess I have - and I'm not a Nationalist.

Think it's spurious on a number of grounds. It's based on a very small sample. There were also hauliers who were passing the savings on.

There's also a big black hole where it comes to the Scottish government managing the scheme. Surely they had some responsibility for managing it and ensuring this did not happen. (It came from the public purse after all.) Instead, they brought in a sudden, abrupt change without warning those involved that this was likely to happen if they did not change their ways.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I believe it was a Halcrow report commissioned by HIE, and the questions give the desired outcomes as usual.

Anonymous said...

This comes as no surprise. The contempt the SNP have for the people of Scotland & in particular the Western Isles is increasingly alarming, but the really alarming fact is they still seem to be the best of a bad bunch, so till someone gets their act together 'grin & bear it'

Anonymous said...

How long since Mr Allan got the SNP nomination ahead of you? Bitterness twists like a knife

Anonymous said...

Re - 3.24

That it! Get the man, not the argument.

You should be ashamed of yourself!

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, is that the best that you can do? I think you will find that Mr. Nicolson decided to pull out of the SNP MSP nomination and stand as an independent candidate because he realised what the SNP was becoming, and boy was he right.

All I hope is that there is a strong independent candidate willing to stand against Mr. Allan in the next Holyrood elections and that the people of the Western Isles don't have short memories.

Anonymous said...


One thing is for sure, if Angus Nicolson was our MSP, we wouldn't even be having this debate. The one thing he has done is bring employment to our Islands and has always put the Islands before party politics.

He is certainly not a "yes" man like your elected official.

Anonymous said...

AA has 4 long years before he has to worry about re-election. I am sure the Western Isles will have forgiven him by then and he will win again with an even bigger majority.

Anonymous said...

Even Allan's office staff went home early tonight, disgusted and embarrassed by his actions.

Anonymous said...

Re - 5.58

And Angus Brendan...?

He has been sidelined by all this, left powerless and let down by his colleague. How is he to regain his standing both in his community and party?

It must be at an all-time low.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Angus the people have got what they voted for the most useless politicians we have ever had.

Our MP and MSP would not even make decent councillors.

How any SNP supporters or members back this is beyond me. they can say what they like about fuel prices "we all know they are crippling our Islands" but so will the abolition of RET for the hauliers.

I await the cyber nats personal atacks.

Anonymous said...

Angus Brendan has little public support or standing in the community he comes from. His inability to appear in public meetings and his inability to make pronouncements regarding any contentious issues has been well noted. As an SNP voter I am truly ashamed of him.