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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Blair 'secretly advising Brown'

Tony Blair is giving advice to Prime Minister Gordon Brown and has told him how to win the next election, Cherie Blair has said.

Given that the first element of 'secretly' advising someone is, er, secrecy, why has this pearl of wisdom and respect for confidentiality come from?

Her disclosure is made in an interview with the Times newspaper to coincide with its serialisation of her autobiography...

Oh bugger, I could have guessed.

First Prescott with his unbelievable 'Gorge and Purge' revelations of his antics as a failed bulimic and now we have one half of the Blair's trying to find money to pay for another multi-million pound house.

Gordon Brown needs this like a hole in the head. Which might, of course, be the intention.

Cherie Blair - gobshiteCherie Blair: Gobshite


Anonymous said...

My ex-schoolfriend, who works for the Tories (we all have our vices), informs me that if - and these are big "ifs" - (a) the Tories fail to at least hold the balance of power in Westminster at the next election and (b) Boris does a good job as London Mayor, then can expect Boris to run for Tory leader/prime minister of the UK in the UK election after next.

Seems almost madness. But so did the thought of Boris being mayor of a city of 7 million people, with a budget of 10+ billion pounds plus, six months ago.

Which would lead to an amusing pairing in the middle of the next decade. UK run by Boris, US run by Jeb Bush. YeeHaa!

Anonymous said...

Tories (we all have our vices)

and didnt the Tories have some vices!

Anonymous said...

oh, and were they that much worse than the labour party's (nearly made a fraudean (i am not that good at spelling names) spelling mistake there)