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The truths they don't want you to read....

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Busy days

With my political activities having been placed on the back burner, it has been interesting to sit back and watch everyone else getting the flak for the decision that have to be made.

However, this week has been an exception.

The prospect of appearing at the BMP Public Inquiry is an intriguing reminder of the good and bad bits of being on the Council, and the continual changes to the probable itinerary have made for interesting time planning(!) Thanks to some of the attendees for keeping me up to date with some of the events behind the scenes.

I've also ended up being interviewed by a journalist from Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung wearing all sorts of different hats, as per usual, about the refusal of the impact of the Lewis Wind Power on the economy of the islands. I believe that all sides of the argument have had the chance to have their say, but as the newspaper is exclusively in German, I'm not sure we will ever know just what the view from Continent really was.

Today I'm off to do an interview with Radio 5 Live on the Public Accounts Committee report on the Inland Revenue. As I was found through a web search, this shows what a good web presence (or at least a high Google ranking) can do for you. Being 13th in the searches for "Chartered Accountant" in Google UK is very pleasing and has driven a lot of mainland business our way, as in the service sector it doesn't matter about physical location when IT services can deliver for you.

This week and every month we have posted some original documents to clients in four countries who don't care about our location, and as long as the post continues to deliver as quickly as it currently does, our clients in continental Europe and the middle East are happy. With lower costs than the big city centre offices were charging, they are even happier, and we are bringing work, incredible experiences, and wonderful challenges to our staff. This is but a small part of the opportunities for the islands, and is something we all need to continue to build upon.


Anonymous said...

"as the newspaper is exclusively in German, I'm not sure we will ever know just what the view from Continent really was"

Eh? You make it sound like an impenetrable source from deep inside North Korea. Online (approx) translations functions, blog readers who could precis it for you... it's not that difficult. It doesn't seem to be on their website yet but I'll keep an eye out and lighten your darkness, if it does appear. "Unglaublich" may come into it.

Anonymous said...

Angus Nicholson - an incredulous eye on himself!

Anonymous said...

did the google thing and your company wasn't even in the first 7 pages.

Angus said...

Google is fickle - today we are number 18.

I must work on my SEO techniques.