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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Clear out at the Health Board

The relatively new management at the Health Board have taken some further decisive action following the savaging by the Audit Committee of the Parliament.

Four of the non-Executive Directors are leaving at the end of their period of office, presumably clearing the way for a new approach to the fundamental issues that still continue to float beneath the surface.

No-one has suggested that any culpability lies with the non-Execs, but clearly there is a desire to bury the former management (in both senses) and to move on. Which can only be a good thing, and clearly lays responsibility for the future into the lap of the new team at the top.

The only hangover remaining is the accumulated deficit; but by demonstrating the Board's ability to deliver, it is hoped that the Government may reconsider the impact of the accumulated deficit on the delivery of services. Hoped.


Anonymous said...

The SG can't wipe off the deficit. If they did so, what message would that send out to the other Health Boards?

Anonymous said...

And Helen MacKenzie one of these four has been proudly announced by the CnES as their new Head of Exchequer - defies believe but as you know CNES - Continuing Nepotisum Exceeds Sense

Anonymous said...

Of course SG could write off the debt. Finger of blame at previous labour administration, and local idiot health board, who have finally made real strides in putting things in order. Time passes and makes these things possible. Those now non-execs who will not be returning were meant to represent the public at Board level, not just turn up for a few meetings. I don't think the dig at HM is fair given what I know of some of the others. She at least is not a bigoted moron.