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Monday, May 12, 2008

Sunday Swimming

Should the Sports Centre be open on Sundays?

If you think it should, you can sign the petition here.


Anonymous said...

Yes - of course it should - and so should golf courses, an lanntair and other leisure facilities. This should be a matter of personal choice and not public policy.

The Comhairle argues that its Sunday policies are in the interests of our amenity and are not based on religious traditions.

Not sure how lawyers might define amenity but my elderly Collins New English Dictionary says:

Amenity: 1. a useful or pleasant place: (eg) a swimming pool was one of the amenities 2. the fact or condition of being agreeable.

Our family would find it very agreeable to have access to the above mentioned facilities 7 days a week. The present unreasonable and inequitable restrictions on Sunday activities have the opposite effect on our amenity.

Anonymous said...

These are islands. And several industries, such as fishing, fish farms, tourist boating, involve local people being out on the sea. Would have thought that learning, and practising, to swim from as early an age as feasible is an essential safety-oriented skill to have for many locals.

(Wonder if it's worth withholding one seventh of the proportion of the council tax I pay that goes towards the swimming pool and other amenities that are closed on a sunday.)

Personally would also like to see the libraries open for seven days as well. Denial or restriction of access to information (online, books, journals, archives) is unethical in a civilised society.