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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

NHS Western Isles - the aftermath

The Parliamentary Committee has reported, and the damning report is reported in detail on Hebrides News and in the Gazette.

I'll not go through the report in detail, but suffice to say the ancien regime get a serious kicking and have their entire credibility torn apart, due to their ability to 'forget' a serious and major report.

The new management are praised for bringing the position into balance - and quite right too - so does this represent the final time we will hear about this matter?

Probably not, and there is still - surely - the significant matter of the behaviour of the former Chief Executive that remains to be addressed by his current employers, the Western Isles Health Board.


Anonymous said...

don't loose sight there was 3 actually joint working to hold this Chief Ex in place, all 3 are guilty as charged.

Anonymous said...

I am sure we will all remember the phot in The Gazette showing Cllr Murdo "Maroot" MacLeod refusing to stand in support of the health board staff.

As it turned out, he was making a fortune from letting property to the Health Board management, the two-faced git.

You spoke well at that meeting.

MacNeil was too busy shagging to attend.

Allan didn't even know where the Western Isles were at that point.

It was the total misjudgement on this issue that cost Morrison his seat. He was pilloried by everyone. The windfarms had little to do with it.

Anonymous said...

Yes - more and more people I speak to say they were shocked at Morrison's failure to speak up - and having promised he would do so! Lots of Labour WIHB staff votes were lost thanks to Morrison.

Anonymous said...

The real shagger is D J Macsween - as we all well know.

Anonymous said...

10.06 So come on then where ,when and how many? male or female? we need to know.