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Saturday, February 06, 2010

Cancelled lunches

I have had to cancel the lunches that I auctioned at the recent fund raiser for the "Angus Nicolson for Councillor/MP/MSP/President/King".

The 14 lunches planned for Tuesday have had to be cancelled, as the Council have unreasonably decided that I am not allowed to use the members dining room, and then charge the cost to all Councillors equally as "Education and Entertainment".

I will be distributing the funds raised from the winning bids to "The Angus Nicolson Charitable Trust" after deduction of unreasonable expenses and after the money has rested in my account for a few years.

Future bids for lunches should be in cash, in brown envelopes, and include a menu and wine list for the restaurant that you plan to take me to.


Anonymous said...

Fat Man Salmond looks as if he should skip quite a few lunches, as well as all the grub he claimed for for his moonlighting second job at Westminster.

Anonymous said...

At least when the taxpayer buys Salmond lunch they can see what they get for their money

Flirty Gerty said...

I think you should arrange a blog commentors' lunch at the Thai so we can all meet each other. And charge it to the good people of the Western Isles under the budget line 'Freedom of Information' at the Coouncil.

Anonymous said...

Good idea Flirty Gerty.

It would be cheap too - Angus plus the one or two others who actually do comment on here!

J Macleod said...

I think you'd be on your own at the Thai Angus. I mean, come on, really how many of the anons are going to show their faces in public like that.

Anonymous said...

I'll appear, can we claim for the alcohol too?

Anonymous said...

3:57 - Naw you're wrong there - the snp has more than one or two members!

Anonymous said...

J Macleod - unlike some people who could easily be named, we're not all publicity whores :)

And there's also sometimes valid, safety-first socio-economic reasons for staying anonymous. Can you think of some?


Anonymous said...

Are you allowed to charge the cost of dining to the council? MSPs aren't. They pay for their own and their guests' lunch.

I think coumcillors should do the same.

Anonymous said...

Cancelled Lunch - Fit aboot cancelled Toon Hall- the Cooncil's ain Planners have turned against them. See Hebrides News:

Yesterday (tues) planning officials effectively concurred and opposed getting rid of the tiered seating and levelling the floor for a new gallery.
A report said it “would have a detrimental affect on the character of the Town Hall as a listed building.
But the suggested “reasonable compromise” to retain the balcony and two front row of seats threatens the whole redevelopment warned shocked councillors.
Planning officer Mairi Mackinnon pointed out the proposed gallery would create a “significant visual impact.”
She stressed the council failed to “provide sufficient justification to override that view.”
Councillor Angus McCormack who had a running battle with campaigners about the changes said: “This is somewhat of a surprise. This is a radical change. Most of the aspirations we, as a council had in 2008, are just knocked on the head
Council leader Angus Campbell said: “Suddenly it changes to that. This puts us in a very difficult position. We cannot assess all the implications. This is not a fair situation to put us in.”
He voiced grave concerns that time was running out to save the funding by submitting revised plans.
Planning boss Keith Bray emphasised the council had put the planning department “in a very difficult position.”
The technical section led them to believe the compromise option was feasible and it was “only yesterday afternoon the developer confirmed that it was not viable.”

Did oor ershtwile cooncillors nae think of asking its ain planners afore noo? for a grade B listed building.
Well done Darling Amanda

Anonymous said...

Good on planning dept for seeing sense at last. Retaining all the seating in the gallery is essential since two rows are no use. The biggest and most affordable venue in town must be preserved for community groups use. A compromise on the stage could be reached if a suitable storage system was to be found. However, this implies an on-going cost for storing, transporting and erecting a stage, lighting and pa each time it is used.

Anonymous said...

always though his name was darling, alisdair!?!

Anonymous said...

Darling Alasdair, a Keith Street Boy QUAKES in his boots along with Cooncillor McCormack at the very mention of Darling Amanda.
Have a wee keek at Facebook...."whatever that is" to quote the good Cooncillor

Dr Evadne said...

I'll turn up for the commentators luncheon but would prefer the council staff canteen for a delicious subsidised nosh. Make it fancy dress to protect anonymity. I have a pantomime cow outfit that I haven't worn for years (protest march outside Kings Cross railway station - platforms 9 to 11).