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The truths they don't want you to read....

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Parliamentary responsibilities

An intriguing comment from Nicola Sturgeon....
"I'm duty-bound to make reasonable representations, that's what I did as a constituency MSP, and ultimately it is for the court to make a decision about the disposal of the case."
What a load of rubbish.

During my time as a Councillor, I gave everyone a fair hearing, I wrote many letters and attend many meetings to represent constituents, but at no time was I 'duty bound' to represent their views.

Indeed, there was one obsessive individual to whom I gave prolonged and very fair hearings, and helped him to get information he requested. But when that turned from forceful requests into an inability to accept the answers, and into offensive and obscene behaviour, then I refused to represent the person under any circumstances.

One of the most ludicrous circumstances was where a constituent wanted me to request the Council to move a dog$hit bin from a lamppost beside his 6ft back garden wall. The proposed location would only have exacerbated an existing problem.

The grounds for this request were that the local yobs were scooping out the bagged dog poo with their hands, opening the bags and then lobbing the turds over the wall and onto his barbecue.

When I stopped laughing, I politely explained the improbability of the claims, and declined to do anything, as I thought the Council were in the right. And I am glad I did what I did.

Presumably Ms Sturgeon will now be being asked to give character references for all the murders, rapists and jaywalkers who approach her, and anyone appearing in Stornoway Sheriff Court in the next few weeks might want to email all our MSPs for character references, citing their duty-bound responsibility to give fullsome supporting statements.

Meantime, back in reality where pathetic excuses from Parliamentarians don't wash.....


Anonymous said...

The SNP are all duty bound to help consituents, eh? Who knew?
So the next time I am hauled before the beak for pishing all over the Bank Street pizza parlour or molesting wee girlies at the Bayhead swing park, I can demand that Alasdair Allan fights my case for me. Who needs to hire Ramsay?
Our wonderful MSP will tell Sheriff Sutherland that I am a fine upstanding citizen and a model constituent and I deserve another chance.
Flicking great. I'm off to the Clachan the now. Any of you coves coming?
PS - If I smash the windows of the SNP office on my way home tonight, will he still do it? Hell yeah, he's duty-bound.

Anonymous said...

She should go over this. Benefit fraud to the tune of 80K. And not the first time either, apparently 40K previously.

This stinks. If she can't make a simple decent & respectable decision on whom to give a character reference to then she is not fit to be in the position she's in.

Benefit fraud is taking the piss out of the system big time. I hope this guy goes to jail, I hope his family suffers and I also hope all the other parasites that are ripping of the benefit system are watching.

Anonymous said...

Maybe N S has more insight than you give her credit for. This guy has clearly done some serious groundwork and might consider going for election at Westminster - maybe someone with his experience can help reform Westminster politics!

Anonymous said...

Duty Bound?

What about this excuse of an MSP - he got elected on a line of no wind farms - duty bound to speak out? Only if its in Gaelic.

Have not yet heard an fing word on the subject.

What ever party they are all a bunch of pigs with their snouts in the trough that we pay for

Anonymous said...

6.35- perhaps pa broon could hire him as a £700/day benefit fraud consultant? He knows the system inside out thats for sure.

Labour are in the habit of taking on advisors with shady backgrounds anyway, its just they are usually loaded rather than ordinary middle/lower class criminals.

Oh, and would she have done the same if he was white?

Anonymous said...

would you have had time to carefully research if you had been as busy as N.S?

Captain Swing said...

would you have had time to carefully research if you had been as busy as N.S?

I've not read such a F'ing stupid statement in a long time, and boy I've read a few on this blog but this comment really takes some beating.

You are so obviously so committed to the SNP that not one of them can do anything whatsoever wrong.

If our erstwhile Deputy First Minister and Health Secretary is so busy why is she bothering to support anyone up before the Beak irrespective of whether they are already a convicted criminal or someone of excellent character who made an 'honest' mistake. If you cannot be prepared to do some homework then surely it is better to keep your trap shut.

All this shows is what a bunch of amateurish wasters who are so full of their own self importance we have in charge at Holyrood. Is she can't show good judgement on something as simple as this, then how is she going to deal with the difficult problems.

For once (and probably the only time) I agree David Cameron and I don't like agreeing with anything David Cameron has to say, so to avoid this ever happening again it's no good she will have to go.