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Sunday, November 07, 2010

Electricity boosts numeracy

As the Independent put it:
A tiny electric current applied to the back of the head can significantly improve a person’s mathematical skills for up to six months, a study has found.
A senior Council employee has advised that the Council has approved the purchase of 31 new chairs to assist with the Annual Council Budget process.

electric chair
"Cut some street lights and just use my glowing head"


Anonymous said...

Knowing the Comhairle, the contract to install will go to the first cousin of a councillor. It'll cost £20,000, and it'll be a bodge job as for cheapness the equipment will be hooked up to the mains, frying all councillors at the first flick of a switch.

Actually on reflection - that's £20K well spent...

Anonymous said...

No doubt the risk assessment will prove that this is a specialist job that can only be done by the COU.

It will then be carried out by a part-qualified apprentice on his first week in the job, using materials left behind on a building site to a specification drawn up by a part-time clerk who lost her job at Tesco on the grounds of incompetence.

Anonymous said...

I think the council should employ a nurse to manage the education and HR departments along with the white house notice boards. Money well spent.