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The truths they don't want you to read....

Thursday, November 25, 2010

I'll see you in Court...

I'm sure you have often heard that said, but have you ever see the next stage?

Here's a copy of a writ issued by Angus MacMillan, Storas Uibhist, against Calum MacMillan, would be windfarmer.

Having been on the receiving end of a couple of threats of legal action from a certain sanctimonious lying sleaze-ball in the Comhairle (full details coming shortly), I'm going to choose my words carefully.

And hypothesise about the sort of questions that might be asked in response to the writ.
  • Is your reputation really worth £100,000?
  • Shall we examine the accounts of the various companies to determine how successful the various businesses are?
  • "The pursuer, acting in an individual capacity, has not at any time discussed any private proposals to develop wind farm capacity with any funding or regulatory body with whom he has come into contact in the course of his dealings as Chairman."  What acting about in a corporate capacity for a limited company?  Have there been any contacts about other windfarm proposals with any funding or regulatory body whilst he was Chairman?
  • "He does not presently, and did not at the material time, have plans to advance any proposals for a wind farm project on land owned by him..."  But were there any plans advanced during any time when he was Chairman?  Any possible conflicts of interest, declarations of interest, or overlapping use of the same contractors or consultants?
The curious conditional denials and circituous (not the right word) sentence construction serves only to raise more questions than are answered.

(I might update this later, but I have a plane to catch very soon)


    Anonymous said...

    These guys need to get a life and move on.

    Anonymous said...

    Having had a quick read of the writ, I am struck by the thought that the South Uist buyout is now begining to play out in a room filled with smoke and mirrors. Multiple companies, none of which are open to scrutiny by the community, and hiding behind the catch all of 'commercial confidentiality'

    What has happened to public accountability, and why are the Uibhisteachs now being steered into a position where they are kept in the dark about deals which involve the banks and other institutions taking securities over THEIR island.

    Raise your head, or have the temerity to question any aspect of the shenanigans and woe betide you.

    Fortunately, the manipulation of multiple companies which Angus MacMillan controlled will serve Storas as a useful template on how to royally screw the locals.

    Anonymous said...

    The full range of the alphabet will be deployed to cover the various organisations that may be called to testify to ...erm, the saintly character of our esteemed leader.

    HIE, CNES, SEPA, FSA, FOE, and DEFRA for the front bench. There is definitely scope for some of the European regulators as well as those of our American cousins to be called.

    Now that the lid is off the pot goodness knows what may pop out.

    Dr Evadne said...

    Apart from not being able to think past one person who would fit the description of 'sanctimonious, lying, sleaze-ball'; the writ in question is an absolute laugh. Someone who has had his feelings hurt wants £100k to make him feel better. Based on this, I could make a fortune by walking around asking folk what they think of my hair.

    Anonymous said...

    Dr Evadne,

    I had always assumed that you got your hairpiece from the same place as Dear Leader MacMillion got his non-ferrous neck.

    When are you going to wear the wee curly one? I thought that it looked quite cute when you were in the fitting room. I was also going to admire the above mentioned brass neck as it was being fitted, but got chased out of the room by wee Brian who was busy with the tape measure.

    Anonymous said...

    PMSL Dr Evadne.

    Anonymous said...

    Meanwhile...down on the fishy farm.

    I recall meeting this self proclaimed veritable captain of industry from Uist who came out here regularly on ...erm, business trips, to Glasgow, to stay in a fancy new hotel by the banks of the Clyde. Where he conducted an in depth investigation into the attributes of a bonny lass from Grimsay.

    Naturally, and without question, all activities were strictly platonic, above scrutiny, solely for the furtherance of inter island relations, and were of course of the highest probity.
    His findings may, I seem to recall, have been subsequently published as one of a series of academic papers in the WHFP

    My goodness, this moral high ground is beginning to get a wee bit crowded.

    Anonymous said...


    Would I be right in thinking that HIE might feature in the front row because:

    A) They have a presence on the board of Storas

    B) They took over the writing and preparation of the proposal for Lochboisdale after it failed on the first submission.

    c) The above completed proposal was then submitted to umm, HIE.

    d) And Lo! HIE award £5million for the HIE submission from the board on which HIE has a rep.

    This must be a particularly fine example of the circuitous thinking mentioned in the blog.

    Anonymous said...

    3:03 are you saying that being a lying philanderer might in some way reflect on the fine moral upstanding character of a prominent member of South Uist society?

    No doubt the hotel records would be used in court to disprove any such suggestion....

    Cpt Birdseye said...

    3:03 Is that why his fingers always smell of fish?

    I'll get my coat; I'm leaving.

    Anonymous said...


    HIE could not possibly be in the front row after the particularly fine example of accountancy displayed by them in monitoring accountant certified expenditure.

    Picture the scene; Lord Grant - gazing manfully across the heather - is surveying the latest fish farm acquisition, acquired by cheating the owner of his rightful payment.
    Says he, to his faithful factotum in the development empire, 'I feel that there is a new market developing in shiny organic fish, and for a mere £735,000 I can convert this site so as to be, as it were, ahead of the curve'

    Scroll forward to when the filthy loot from HIE passes into this forward thinking companies coffers, the expenditure of the full £735k award has been completed,the organic conversion up and working, and the fishy fish are shining.

    Cue massive sighs of relief by the HIE minions that they can definitely identify the single item of capital equipment that actually appeared on site, one solitary outboard motor.

    Ah, multiple companies...don't ya just love them.

    Anonymous said...

    Interesting parallel.

    Just how much in public funds did the multiple companies run by the Dear Leader receive from the point where he first awarded himself a fish farm?

    And how much have the multiple companies under the South Uist buyout umbrella had to date?

    Anonymous said...

    Hubris: definition per wikipedia.

    Hubris often indicates being out of touch with reality and overestimating one's own competence or capabilities, especially for people in positions of power.

    Anonymous said...


    totally off topic for this post but surely something that is worth noting and I'm sure would enjoy widespread support...

    Anonymous said...

    Very risky of A MacM to have raised this action because it means he has to see it through to its bitter end (costing him eye-watering sums of legal fees he'll never in practice be able to recover even if he wins) or else the headlines will be "Storas chair drops libel action" which to the man in street means "guilty as charged".

    It'll be very much a case of who blinks first, Calum or Angus ...

    Anonymous said...


    You don't think he would find some way to massage it through the Storas books ?

    Angus said...

    Anon 11:29am. Of course not. That would be both illegal and stopped by the bookkeepers and the auditors.

    Any suggestion that this might happen is utterly, completely, and utterly incorrect in case any lawyers are looking at this and trying to make and fill a silk purse.

    Anonymous said...

    The desperately sad part of this saga is that the board of Storas are unable to show any leadership.

    The writ issued by Angus mixes his hurt 'feelings' with his activities as the Storas chairman. In any other organisation he would have to step aside until the matter had been resolved either privately or in the courts.

    As things stand, Angus can play with his lawyers, bring in Storas to the argument, and the shameful business will drag on while the prize turnips on the board wring their hands.

    Shame on them, the entire island is a laughing stock because of the arrogance and blind stupidity of their chairman, an incompetent board, and, of course, the Welsh babysitter.

    Personally, I would be delighted if this one got as far as the courts as there are several skiploads of dirty washing that Angus will then have to explain away in the full glare of the press.

    He of the tanned looks, one Thomas Sheridan, will look like a veritable Snow White in comparison.

    Anonymous said...

    Well hats off to you all for keeping up with this. I'm completely flummoxed as to who was wronged and when, who was the wronger, who was involved, what was involved etc etc etc.

    I sure hope that someone is writing a little book about all this.

    Anonymous said...


    As a leading turnip in this field of small potatoes, I am afraid that it is my duty to tell you that I have instructed my lawyers to bring proceedings against you.

    How dare you bring such a slanderous libel before the public and compare a turnip with the Storas board. I shall not be able to sleep peacefully tonight due to my injured feelings.

    Anonymous said...

    Angus M should get a better lawyer. Point 4 of the writ reads that the pursuer (Angus)wrote the offending letter.Ha Ha

    Anonymous said...

    Simon Jenkins of The Guardian wrote on Friday
    '... power loathes truth revealed. Disclosure is messy and tests moral and legal boundaries. It is often irresponsible and usually embarrassing. But it is all that is left when regulation does nothing, politicians are cowed, lawyers fall silent and audit is polluted.

    Accountability can only default to disclosure. As Jefferson remarked, the press is the last best hope when democratic oversight fails...'

    Anonymous said...

    The suggestion that Angus should stand aside until this has run its course is actually very relevant. Fair enough if he wins- but if he loses the defamation action it will inevitably reflect badly on Storas. Bear in mind that much of the success or failure of this type of action hinges on the credibility or otherwise of the pursuer and the defender. So if he loses this will effectively mean he is not a credible witness. Is that the kind of person that Storas will benefit from having as their Chair? I think not.

    Step aside now, Angus, and keep Storas safe from your shenanigans.