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The truths they don't want you to read....

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

New schools project


As the new schools near completion, the Comhairle has an open day for parents, teachers and pupils to show them the new classrooms.

A spokesman later brushed aside complaints saying that it was as a result of "A breakdown in communications resulting in the contractor - Kennels & Cages plc - misreading the plans."

He later whinged that "It is not fair to blame the Council for work we designed, commissioned, supervised and approved, when clearly we have our heads up our backsides."


sgaire said...

Tasteless, lazy and unfunny as usual. Really Angus, why have you let this idiot write things on your site?

Anonymous said...

I agree with 1:29.

Anonymous said...

Me thinketh that the previous correspondent(s) might work for the Council.

or put another way, "Is that one troll or 2 that I see?" :-)

Anonymous said...


What's it like with living with no sense of humour.


At least come up with your own critism don't rely on someone else's brain.

More power to the pen of Lazy Chicken maybe it's only by ridiculing these people that we will get them to see just how ridiculous their decisions are.

Anonymous said...

This post is like the cooncil's chicken run: sub-standard.

Anonymous said...

I was glad to hear Morag Munro on national radio today saying that "all concerns were addressed" re closure of 11 schools.
There is no truth that when one parent told the Comhairle "they would hear from his solicitor" the Comhairle's veiled threat reply was "and your solicitor willhear from Morag Munro"

Anonymous said...

Oh man, where's your sense of humour!

sgaire said...

No, I don't work for the council, I think they're a shower of useless lazy chickens, and I'm not 3.38.

Anonymous said...

Although it is a bit dated now, one of the finest examples of clever engineering combined with superb cost benefit by the council was displayed on a project which encompassed Bernary, Leverburgh, and Stornoway.

Picture the scene, at a hot meeting in tech services the bold decision is made to carve a new channel between the north end of Bernary and Leverburgh for the new ferry. Meantime. a small marina is envisaged for Leverburgh which will require some blasting and the placing of rock.

So, for the next year or thereabouts we have drilling,blasting, and excavation of rock going on in the proposed channel. Contractors with all manner of marine equipment commence hauling past Leverburgh the thousands of tons of fragmented rock out into the Minch for dumping.
Meantime, contractors from Stornoway are busy hauling rock from Stornoway down to Leverburgh in order to er... throw it in the sea.

Unfortunately, tech services did not measure a life sized boat and the finished basin at Leverburgh is capable of only holding about three cobles.

Fast forward to a couple of years ago and we then have more rock being hauled to build a breakwater in Leverburgh which is erm... underwater at high tide.

Toatal cost to the public purse to be counted in millions

Cohmairle nan Eilean, aww... you just couldn't make it up

PS. After all the excavating and dumping of rock for the new channel it was eventually realised that tide kept filling it with sand, rendering it useless. I understand that the brains behind that farago is now busy consulting on the magnificent edifice which is planned for Lochboisdale. Snouts to the trough chaps, and be quick about it!

Anonymous said...

Snouts to the trough, lmao. You're bang on though - millions wasted, laundered even! Who had the contract there anyways?

Anonymous said...

Sorry 8:08 but there is the possibility that there would be a rather tiresome trek to the court of session if names were named on this one. They are however available on the public record.

I rather suspect that action would be raised not for telling the truth, but rather for having the temerity to raise it in the first instance.

While there are many that may curse this blog site and the issues that are examined, the desperately sad fact of life in the islands is that it is the messenger that will be hung out to dry, not the culprit. Honest public debate on a variety of issues is avoided at all costs, and public accountability apparently simply does not exist.

This cage affair is good example, with the senior council management ignoring that someone completely abdicated any sense of what is morally correct when the building of the cage was sanctioned... and yet no one is accountable. "Not my department, try next door or, preferably, why don't you just evaporate".

Not often that I look on our councillors as a spineless lot, but they would make a garden slug look like Schwartzeneger thus far on this one.

Surely it does not take a great deal of grey matter to see how some honour could be salvaged from the wreckage?