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The truths they don't want you to read....

Monday, May 26, 2008

Public Local Inquiry - the next step

it was very disappointing to read on Hebrides News that the decision from the Beinn Mhor Power PLI will not be expected before December.

As the report astutely says...

There was nothing particularly new in the inquiry that had not been rehearsed by islanders over the past four years.

Which begs the question of why it was ordered in the first place. Virtually everything has been discussed, argued, refuted or knocked about by supporters and opponents alike inside the Council Chamber or in the local press.

The one sure outcome is that the planned announcement in August by Jim Mather of a new 'strategy' for renewable energy in the islands will be against the backdrop of a pending decision that could fundamentally change the 'strategy' that requires to be adopted.

Put simply, it the application is granted, then there are few restrictions placed on new application, beyond those which would normally be raised anyway.

If the application is refused, then any application that can be seen from Callanish is effectively going to be prohibited.

Try drawing up a 'strategy' that embraces both possibilities!

You can't; which is why I believe that the announcement - when it comes - will be bland and uninspiring, and will give no real guidance or lead to the community. Warm words; hot air; and no substance.


Anonymous said...

If the judge turns out down will you ever accept that Angus?

If the judge accepts it will MWT slink off into the moor?

The most certain thing is our communities have been split, polarised, shaken and twisted inside out by these proposals.

It is time to move on.

Angus said...

Er, yes I will. Which is one reason why I am working to develop one small part of the knowledge and service sector in the Western Isles. That I, believe holds more long-term promise than tourism.

There are other renewable technologies too; and as they become viable then we have to look at how they can benefit the islands.

I'm looking forward not back....

Anonymous said...

How are people feeling about the Siadar Wave project?

A good thing?

Anonymous said...

Wave project may be a good project but I would suggset from the town hall exhibition a couple of months ago it is a one off.

I can't see these springing up all down the coast somehow. Mind you I did back the Blues for the quad!


Captain Bovril