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The truths they don't want you to read....

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Another good man moves on

A very, very, senior Council officer - for whom I have a lot of time and respect - is shortly to be on the move to pastures new.

So what is driving this person away, and leaving a truly enormous hole in the organisation?

I am told that it is all to do with the atmosphere in the building and the way in which the Comhairle is being run by the senior Councillors and by top management.

All Councillors need to start asking themselves "Just what is happening?" and then taking steps to remedy the situation.

This is no time to try to abrogate your responsibilities, or to rely on others. You are there to run the Council, not be run by it.


Anonymous said...

this smacks so much of sour grapes. If the councillors didn't have to spend so much time defending themselves against interfering wee bastions of society, they might be able to manage better

Anonymous said...


And which one, 8:20, of our glourious 31 are you? Or are you Head of some thing at the Comhaile?

What rubbish.

Angus is spot on. This Council is totally under the control of the old guard Councillors and a few petty and narrow minded boigoted senior employees. To the point it seems even the CEO is left out of proper control - he is just their patsy.

Look what happens if one of the Councillors breaks ranks! Our glourious Leader cried "Mutiny".

Angus there is more than one witch hunt going on within the foot soldiers of the work force right down to blue collar level. Say any thing particulalry to the likes of you or Heb news and the Gestapo arrive. Have an opinion of an objection to policy opppps.

It also explains yet again to some of your readers who still do not understand why given 50% of the working population work for CnES so many have to remain Anonymous.

And in case the Thought Police are code breaking to find loittle people like me...

'Long Live The Western Isles Government, Hail to our Leader!'

Anonymous said...

During the Sunday ferry debate, as I felt that I was not being consulted by them on this controversial subject, I emailed all of the Councillors (4) who represent the Westside my support for Sunday ferrys. Only one bothered to reply which I quote from below

As a humble back bencher I will not be consulted either. My own personal position is clear in respect of my support for a 7 day service.
However, when the matter was tested most recently at a meeting of the Comhairle the vote supported the retention of the status quo, ie a six day service.

We have 4 Councillors on the Westside 3 of which if they don't like what you are supporting/advocating wont respond. I know who I will be voting for (and who I wont be)at the next Council Elections.

I know the geographic area on the Westide is quite big but do we need 4 Councillors? I then have the problem that 3 of them don't seem that interested in doing the job, and the other one obviously does not fit in the the hiarchy at the White House, so where is my representation at the Comhairle?

Anonymous said...

11am - quite

I am also aware that said councillor said he could not speak out for fear of being 'hammered' on other issues. Ok so you are out voted 30-1, but still vote the way you wish in terms of representing your community.

Dont just be a sheep and say "there is no point in voting against as I will lose"

Anonymous said...

Down here in Uist we have one councillor in particular who has managed to get himself onto just about every committee imaginable.

The better part of his week is spent in the white house, while the weekend is devoted to filling in the claim forms for attendance and expenses. However, for him. it is a week spent sitting meekly, doing nothing.

He has recently had a considerable amount of work done at his (private) house and, in summary, is living off the fat of the land while busy moaning that the council doesn't have any moneyif he is approached for assistance.

Communities see the fabric of their infrastructure crumbling, and the local businesses have their back to the wall. I have to agree with the chap from the westside, we simply don't need to be carrying deadwood.

Lets have a process for de-selection for councillors as is proposed for MP's. At least they would then pay a bit more attention to the electorate.

Anonymous said...

There's been quite a few good women moved on, too, Angus, for similar reasons. And most of them have gone and got better jobs on the mainland.

And of course what our depopulated islands desperately needs is more talented folk migrating to the mainland.

Own goal again, Comhairle. But short of Judgement Day none of you will ever held accountable for it.

Anonymous said...

It's frightening to think that public service is so low down on the agenda. Some fo the Councillors and likewise some of the Council staff would do well to remember that they are there to serve the public and not there for some egotistical self-promotion trip.

If the Council were a private business, it would have gone to the wall years ago.

Anonymous said...

Pardon my ignorance, but who is leaving now?
Living in this island is like being in the Godfather movie - ruled behind the scenes by the "five Families" who rule the Council and have fingers in every pie. It's beyond a joke; it beats me what our council tax buys for us that we actually want.
However, the supporters of the status quo seem to have perfected their technique. Keep on in the usual Stornoway way and people with talent and initiative will leave. I suppose a community gets the set-up it deserves.